Straight supports, large cable sheave, high cable – the LUIS LIFT surprises with its details.

ENROPE and the Luis lift

With great passion for detail

Still new to the market but growing fast, cable car manufacturer ENROPE introduces itself. Here, everyone is a premium customer. This is reflected especially in the innovative “LUIS LIFT”, which stands out from the competition in many technical details.


“Engineering rope” – ENROPE for short – is the name of the German cable car manufacturer founded in 2016 in Wackersberg. however, the three-year-old company has over 30 years of experience, as both brothers Anton and Peter Glasl acquired sound knowledge of the development, construction and servicing of cable cars with cable car manufacturer Loipolder.


In the LUIS LIFT, with great dedication, the five-man company has developed a drag lift that stands out from the competition in many technical details.

“As simple as necessary, as comfortable as possible,” design engineer Anton Glasl concisely summarises the concept of the LUIS LIFT. The well thought out, largely maintenance-free system is developed in accordance with the principle “keep it simple and smart”: “the hydraulic tensioning device and the straight supports make maintenance very easy, the continuous speed and the large cable sheave increase comfort,” Glasl says.


With maximum motor power of 45 kilowatts and a maximum cable diameter of 16 millimetres, the lift has a very compact design. The system can therefore be installed quickly – generally within a week. Compact foundations avoid major interference with nature.


“Unlike the competition, the cable of the platter lift runs at the height of a normal double drag lift,” Glasl adds. because of this, the lift track can easily be prepared by the snowcat. “The result is a drag lift with an interesting and competitive cost structure,” Managing Director Peter Glasl sums up.


With its low-price, simple design, the LUIS LIFT is of interest primarily for small ski resorts, ski schools, hotels and children’s parks, especially since the system is designed specifically for children and novice skiers.

Mchael Diesel

Managing Director of Benzeck ski lifts at reit im Winkel (Bavaria, Germany)

“Its many technical details make the LUIS LIFT better than the drag lifts of competitors. For example, with a diameter of 2.25 metres, the cable sheave is comparatively the largest that protects the cable and produces smooth running.


Furthermore, the supports are straight and not – as with other manufacturers – designed as slanting cantilever supports. This makes the drop-off considerably easier for us. Thanks to the the hydraulic tensioning device, the LUIS LIFT is maintenance-free. however, what is most important is the benefit and comfort for our little winter sports enthusiasts.


The complete run from boarding to drop-off is very quiet, which is why it is not only we as an operator who can recommend the LUIS LIFT but also ski school children and their carers.”

Comfort for children is the top priority with LUIS LIFT, as here at reit im Winkel. Photos: ENROPE

Everyone is a premium customer

It is therefore no wonder that there are already cable car specialists who rely on the innovative practice and connecting lift. The benzeck lifts at reit im Winkel (Germany) are a good example. A LUIS LIFT has been running there since December 2018 – to the complete satisfac- tion of the operator and users.


The “Schütter” lift at ski school Tritscher in Schladming (Austria) is another example. ENROPE constructed a new LUIS LIFT there but integrated components from a second-hand system, at the request of the customer. (because of the specific drop-off situation with a lot of “traffic”, ENROPE omitted a support at the summit.


In addition, the company installed audio-visual video surveillance at the unmanned summit station). “In both projects, we were able to demonstrate that everyone is a premium customer for us.


We have no secondary projects but rather attend to all initiatives individually,” Peter Glasl says. It is therefore no surprise that two further LUIS LIFTS are currently being built in the black Forest – one completely new system, plus upgrading of a competitor models with LUIS LIFT components.

Technical specifications

Benz-Eck-Lift III

  • Transport capacity         580 P/h
  • Height difference           26 m
  • Horizontal track length   218 m
  • Supports                       3
  • Motor power                  15 kW


Technical specifications

Schütterlift Tritscher

  • Transport capacity           557 P/h
  • Height difference             54 m
  • Horizontal track length     385 m
  • Supports                         3
  • Motor power                    20 kW


Servicing & spare part production

Openness to existing systems of all makes is also characteristic of the second pillar of ENROPE: servicing and spare part production for platter and drag lifts. “We have special tools and our own workshop to carry out repairs and produce components that are no longer available on the market,” Anton Glasl reports.


The safety and comfort of older cable cars can therefore be improved little by little, without jeopardising the tried and tested existing equipment. “Moreover, we pro duce all the necessary documents and certifications,” his brother Peter adds.


ENROPE generally has good connections with authorities and experts: “They regularly recommend us for overhauling drag lifts of all ages, makes and models.” ts