Photo: Alfred Imhof AG

From standard to customization

Alfred Imhof AG proudly presents: The new generation X.e of the tried and tested X gear unit series!

What is the name of an industrial gear unit that can be adapted precisely to the operating and ambient conditions of a particular application? CORRECT! Generation X.e!


Individual and selective improvements to the hardware of our X series and a redesigned, networked calculation landscape are making this possible.


Industrial gear units that are tailored exactly to the operational and environmental conditions of an application – the new generation X.e.


Selective improvements to the hardware of the X gear unit series and a redesigned, networked calculation landscape enable us to meet the individual customer requirements as precisely as possible.


The results are maximum efficiency, increased safety and a long service life even at difficult operating conditions.

Intelligent details

The new design features include:

  • Contactless sealing systems
  • Thermally improved oil level
  • Optimized bearing preload for the shaft bearings
  • Optimized gearing topology
  • Improved bevel pinion housing in the input stage
  • New fan and fan guard concept

The logical approach to optimal drive solutions

Using the networked calculation landscape for the gear unit configuration, our experts consider the individual operating conditions of the customer’s application.


The generation X.e is mainly built upon experiences from the industry sectors mining, cement, and port logistics, in combination with the latest insights in calculation. Generation X.e promises optimal results for applications, such as cranes, conveyor belts, mixers, crushers, and many more.


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