The new gondola lift offers a unique opportunity to admire the harbor and the northern lights. Photo: JanArnePettersen

Bartholet: Scandinavian northern lights encounter Swiss quality

The new gondola lift in Narvik has a double debut. The gondola lift is not only BARTHOLET’s first ten-seater but also the first cableway of the Swiss manufacturer in all of Scandinavia.

Located in North Norway, the harbor town of Narvik is known for its mild climate courtesy of the warm Gulf Stream.


Thanks to its frequently clear weather, you have a good chance to watch the unique light show of aurora borealis here.


The municipality is also a candidate for hosting the 2027 alpine skiing world championship and it will welcome world junior skiers to compete here in 2020.


As a warm-up to these events, the first step to implement the necessary infrastructure has already been taken.

On February 21, this Norwegian town inaugurated the first 10-seater gondola lift from the cableway manufacturer BARTHOLET. For this successful company, this project in the Far North is also the first one in all of Scandinavia.


This gondola has been designed not only for the needs of winter sports pros and fans but also for secondary use as a means of public transport – its cabins are disabled-accessible and offer enough room both for passengers and bikes.


This solution secures profit from this new, multi-use gondola lift for the region all year round.

Despite the interior ski holders, the cabin offers enough legroom for all passengers.

The design makes a difference

The unique design of the comfortable cab ins by the “Porsche Design Studio” certainly contributed to BARTHOLET prevailing over its competitors and winning the contract.


And it is not only the installation’s look but also its technology that has special features. For example, the ski holders are integrated inside the gondola car securing a quick entry. The doors have been developed especially for Narvik’s needs – their new construction enables simple and safe entry and exit.


The gondola’s windows are made of laminated safety glass, offering the passengers maximum comfort. In addition, this glass is highly scratch-resistant and thus guarantees a long-lasting unrestricted view from the cabin, offering vistas of both the town and the light show in the sky.

Whether during the day or at night, the ride in the new installation always offers a breathtaking view. Photos: BARTHOLET

The investment

The new 10-seater gondola lift will replace an existing circulating cableway along a new route. This new installation from BARTHOLET will increase the current transport capacity from 350 to 1,450 persons per hour and its high wind-stability is much welcomed by passengers.


The town of Narvik is already planning the construction of a second installation to connect the town with the ski resort and additionally serve as an urban cableway to relieve local traffic and transport people to a newly-built residential area.


This long-term planning is a clear indication of the municipality commitment to offer not only visitors but also its residents an opportunity to easily reach the fascinating landscape as a local recreational area throughout the year.


And Narvik’s plans for the future are not limited to he planned second cableway. For example, should the standard transport capacity of this installation no longer suffice, more vehicles can be integrated and another 1,000 persons per hour can be transported.

The route

Based on further plans, a hotel facility and a new residential area with specially- designed vacation homes will be built near the mid-station Skistua (the current bottom station of the new gondola lift).


From here, passengers will be able to take the gondola directly to the viewing platform Narvikfjellet. And when the planned lower (first) section is finished, tourists will also be able to take the gondola directly to the center of town.

Technical Data: 10-seater gondola Narvik