On the way up, the famous mountains and lakes can be enjoyed from a new perspective. Photos: DOPPELMAYR

Doppelmayr: First D-Line for South-Korea

Following an official opening ceremony this past spring, the first D-Line gondola lift in South Korea was put into operation.

The South Korean city of Jecheon is situated in the North Chungcheong Province and is well-known for the surrounding mountains and its fantastic lakes.


This wonderful landscape, multiple sights and good accessibility bring visitors to Jecheon all year round.


The main tourist season coincides with the famous cherry blossom festival. To make the mountians of the region more accessible to visitors of all ages and, at the same time, add another attraction, the city commissioned a cableway to the top of the Bibong Mountain.


The goal was to build an installation with the best technical features on the market, which is why a D-Line gondola lift from the Austrian ropeway manufacturer DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA was chosen.

The colorful cabins have been built by the Swiss cabin manufacturer CWA. Each offers ample room for ten passengers.

The highest travelling comfort, quiet operation, and simple and time-saving maintenance are characteristic features of this system which guarantees first class travel experience during an almost nine-minute-long ride from Cheongpung Lake to the top station at an altitude of 513 m.


The lift’s 43 comfortable cabins can transport as many as 1,500 visitors per hour to the top of the Bibong Mountain. Here, they can enjoy views from a large viewing platform and refreshments in a cozy restaurant.


The mountains’ beauty can be admired also along several hiking trails which start from the cable car’s top station. In addition, a ZIP-line has been in-stalled for more courageous visitors.


Thanks to the ropeway, which was launched in March, relaxation and adventure are now offered hand in hand.

The technological heart beats in the valley

The bottom station has been built near the Cheongpung Lake, a popular travel destination in its own right. Thanks to this position, visitors do not need to take any detours to get to the cable car.


And since the designers wanted to give the station more purpose, the building also houses a number of shops. Along with the wonderful view at the top, the ropeway offers diverse attractions for visitors in all weathers. But this is not all the building has to offer. The bottom station is an eye-catcher also from a technical point of view. Optimized access to the technical components ease inspection and maintenance work for the rope way technicians.


Both the bottom and the top stations in Jecheon are equipped with noise reduction features, enabling secondary use of these buildings as a restaurant and shopping center respectively. Besides a garage for the 43 10-seater gondolas, the bottom station also houses the drive unit.

Record for Korea

This installation meets the usual high standards of the company from Wolfurt, and therefore is another successfully finalized Projekt in South Korea.


With an inclined length of more than two kilometers, the Cheongpung cable car gives the guests enough time to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the comfortable ride to the mountian top. tm


The towers have been implemented as tubular towers; the tallest of them is 45 meters high.

Technical Data:

10-MGD Cheongpung Cable Car


  • Transport capacity  1,500/h
  • Travel speed  5 m/s
  • Cabin capacity  10
  • Top station altitude  513 m
  • Height difference  357 m
  • Inclined track length  2,274 m
  • Travel time  8.7 min
  • Drive  bottom
  • Garage  bottom
  • Vehicles  43
  • Tallest tower  45 m
  • Launch date  March 29, 2019