Doppelmayr/Garaventa: Superlatives for Willingen

The K1 project is the largest ropeway project in Sauerland to date while the chairlift is the newest one in all of Germany.

The implementation of the K1 project at Köhlerhagen has brought the region another step forward.


The ropeway manufacturer DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA ensured that each and every facet of the new 8-seater chairlift reflects state-ofthe- art technology.


Beginning this past winter season, this safe, comfortable and high-performance installation replaced two 50-year-old towing lifts, Köhlerhagen 1 and 2.


Modernization of the ropeway infrastructure was not the only thing of importance for the responsible Willingen representatives. They wanted to build an installation for the future.


This is why they trust in state-of-the-art technology and from the world market leader’s Dline series.

The resulting capacity increase is enormous, enabling as many as 3,600 winter sports fans every hour to reach the top of the mountain. This level of transport efficiency was unthinkable with the two tow lifts. And the new 8-seater chairlift K1 also marks another record – at a length of almost 1,500 meters, it is the longest chairlift in Sauerland.

Comfort throughout the year

For some time now, Willingen has emphasized year-round operation and as a result the new 8-seater chairlift is an asset for both winter and summer operation. To ensure comfort during the fiveminute ride to the top, a weather protection hood, as well as seat heating, have been installed.


The result is the first chairlift north of the Alps featuring both these passenger-comfort fittings. For the summer special chairs equipped with socalled bike clips come into operation - making transport of bikes tremendously easy and enabling visitors to explore the diverse mountain trails.


They have been in use since spring and have already become very popular with both walkers and mountain bikers. Each chair is equipped with five Bike Clips for quick and easy fastening of bikes. As many as 1,200 bikes can thus be transported to the top of Ettelsberg per hour.


To manage the expected additional summer-time visitors resulting from these improvements, new bike paths were also made in the course of the construction works.

There are up to five Bike Clips for transporting up to 1,200 bikers per hour to the top of Ettelsberg.

Bike Clip function

The Bike Clip functionality is simple: the passenger goes through the turnstile with his two-wheeler and places the bike’s front wheel into the Bike Clip. Its components automatically lock the wheel, fixing the bike on the way up.


The biker sits on the following chair. At the top station the biker simply steps forward and removes the bike, releasing it from the clip by a simple tug on the handlebar.


While the system is simple, to prevent any unforeseeable complications which might occur during entry, visitors can also practice this technique beforehand on a showcase model.


The number of bike events held in Willingen continues to grow and the highperformance 8-seater chairlift with bike suspension equipment helps their organizers to prepare and handle them in the best possible way.

Technical Data:

8-CLD-B Köhlerhagen – “K1”