High-performance gearboxes for rollercoasters. Photos: SI/Surrer

Kissling AG gearboxes:

From small to large and from standard to special

Whether T-bar lift, gondola cable car or pleasure rollercoaster: The product range from Swiss gearbox manufacturer KISSLING is very diverse.


Special space conditions, operating safety, exceptional conditions? Swiss company KISSLING develops, constructs and manufactures gearboxes of all types for the highest demands and for any application area.


“We can find a solution for any application,” Marketing Director Roman Siegfried describes the mission statement of his company.


If special requests, small batches or even one-off products are required, individual ideas are needed, which can be offered only by a mediumsized company with practical flexibility and a manageable size.


“We have been demonstrating our capability in special gearbox construction for decades and we are one of the world’s leading companies in this area,” Siegfried emphasizes.

Wellknown machine producers and plant manufacturers from all over the world and from all sectors have been using the strong engineering services of KISSLING AG for many years. “They trust our excellent production quality – as you would expect of a Swiss gearbox and engineering company,” the Marketing Director says.

Gearboxes for food and plastic extrusion.

Strong in the cable car business

The range of services from KISSLING AG specifically includes the development, construction and manufacture of helical and bevel helical gearboxes, bevel planetary gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, high-speed gearboxes as well as dual and multiple-shaft gearboxes.


The gearboxes are used in many industries, such as in passenger transport and rollercoasters, in the cement and sugar industry, for unloading bulk goods, in plastic and food extrusion, in the paper industry or in power plant operation.


“For ski resorts and tourism businesses, the gearboxes for cable cars and rollercoasters are of particular interest. We have strong representation in both business areas,” Siegfried says. KISSLING has had a strong influence especially on the cable car sector.


“In this area, where the units are subject to high and uncompromising safety and reliability requirements, we have become established as the market leader with many gearbox ranges and over 50 years of experience,” the Marketing Director is pleased to report.

The product range here extends from small gearboxes for drag and T-bar lifts to large drives for gondola cable cars. The range includes standard gearboxes for cable car manufacturers POMA and LEITNER ropeways as well as special gearboxes, such as for the food and plastics industries.

“For the world‘s fastest acceleration tracks of up to 240 km/h special constructions are required for operation,” Siegfried reports. For the rollercoaster market leader, KISSLING has also developed drives for drop towers, winches and chain lifts. Furthermore, the company produces additional products such as lubrication systems.

Gearboxes for small skilifts.

Cooling lubrication unit.

Planetary drives – important components of cable car gearboxes.

Planetary gearboxes for large cableways.

SI summary:

KISSLING AG is the partner for ski resorts and leisure parks when it comes to gearboxes in Swiss quality – from small to large and from standard to special. ts