MOUNTAIN PLANNING plans a Hotel Chalet Village in Tyrol, Austria. Photos: MOUNTAIN PLANNING

Mountain Planning: Consulting, planning, tourism concepts

MOUNTAIN PLANNING offers worldwide master planning as well as consulting services for ski resorts. The company also designs well-orchestrated tourism concepts for summer and winter.

Thanks to the company’s expertise in developing the perfect modernization plan and identifying impressive ideas for new attractions, even existing ski resorts rely on the services provided by MOUNTAIN PLANNING to help increase their attractiveness.


The austrian specialists have already developed master plans and concepts for ski resorts in Austria, Russia, Greenland, Turkey, Argentina and many other countries – like the ski resort “Durau Park” in Romania (see edition SI World 2/2018).

The masterplan for Disko Island also includes a cableway.


One example of a current project can be found in Tyrol, Austria. There, Mountain Planning is currently working on the detailed modernization of a ski resort, including the planning and construction of pump tracks, trails and many other summer attractions. A Hotel Chalet Village is also being planned.


In Antalya, Turkey, this engineering company is developing ideas and planning a connection from a luxury hotel to the beach. A 550-metre-long monorail will replace several buses.



In Antalya, MOUNTAIN PLANNING proposes to build a monorail running from a luxury hotel to the beach.


“It is a particularly environment-friendly and, at the same time, very attractive solution,” says Armand Windisch, Managing Director of MOUNTAIN PLANNING. The project is currently being reviewed by Antalya city authorities. Another ongoing project is located on Disko Island in Greenland.


There, the engineering company is developing a ski resort with a cableway, hotel and casino. “The concept includes heli skiing and an Inuit village for summer tourism,” says Windisch, introducing the project. The targeted group are cruise ship passengers.

Mountain Planning
Mountain Planning

MOUNTAIN PLANNING provides panoramic views for ski resorts, as is the case for Muntele Mic in Romania.

Projects around the world

A masterplan typically not only guarantees that a mountain destination is properly planned from the beginning, but also saves its operator money.


“The costs of our services comes out very reasonable as we spare the operators the cost of expensive mistakes from the very beginning, submit reliable sales and income strategies, and prepare smart infrastructure plans for them,” explains Windisch.


Only a few companies in the world can provide consultancy services as comprehensive as MOUNTAIN PLANNING: “My team of engineers, architects and marketing experts can satisfy the backlog demand of inexperienced mountain destination operators in a competent and professional manner,” assures the Managing Director.


His assertion is confirmed by multiple contented customers from around the world.

This hotel with a casino is the heart of the new ski resort “Disko Island” in Greenland.

Armand Windisch

Managing Director of MOUNTAIN PLANNING


“Thanks to the expertise of our experienced team of technicians, engineers and business consultants, we are able to form a perfect overview of the infrastructure, possibilities and opportunities in the given area. Whether our job is rebuilding, reconstruction or new construction of ski resorts and all-year attractions, we guarantee transparency, reliability and quality and provide support with technical analyses, financing possibilities outlines and budgeting.”