Retrofitting of slope maintenance vehicles for summer operation is the latest service offered by PISTENTECH.

Pistentech: Retrofitting for the summer, extensions for the best winter service

Biogas production, peat industry or agriculture – PISTENTECH now retrofits slope maintenance vehicles for summer use. Whether interested in this service or another, customers benefit from the extension of the company’s headquarters with a new workshop and open-air grounds.


Cold, snow, ice – these are the conditions for which snow groomers are made. But slope maintenance vehicles are also often needed in the summer and are employed in tropical regions – for example for biogas production, in the peat industry or agriculture.


To ensure that the vehicles work well also in high temperatures, their hydraulics, in particular, must be modified and cooling elements installed. This complex service is now offered by PISTENTECH, one of the worlds biggest free dealer of all models of slope maintenance machines.


“As with all our services, this new service is also customized, flexible, quick and economically reasonable,” ensures Antonios Karakikes, PISTENTECH’s Managing Director.

Extensions of the company premises

To carry out such retrofitting of vehicles for summer use, the company’s team welcomes the recent extension of its headquarters in Deisslingen/Schömberg, Germany. Over an area of some 10,000 square meters, PISTENTECH has built a new, 500 square meter workshop
equipped with the latest technology enabling effective execution of all the works. In the outside area, visitors can look at a large selection of machines of all models from all the largest manufacturers at any time.

From here, PISTENTECH exports vehicles to more than 40 different countries worldwide. “As a large independent dealer, we also continuously purchase used vehicles and search abroad for special vehicles for our customers,” says Karakikes.

As soon as a machine is selected, it is reconditioned exactly to the customer’s wishes. This means that we offer maintenance vehicles both with and without repair works depending on the customer.  This decision also depends on how much the customer wants to pay. The same applies to snow guns which are also avail-able from PISTENTECH.

PISTENTECH headquarters in Deisslingen/Schömberg. Photos: PISTENTECH

One of the world’s largest dealers

Customers not only from Germany but from almost 40 different countries worldwide evidence that the company’s efforts pay off in terms of meeting the demands of the market with used slope maintenance vehicles.


PISTENTECH has a good name not only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and North Italy but also in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Latin America.


Shipping to the intended place of use is a part of the package. The company uses its own vehicles for such shipping and it also takes care of all relevant customs and export formalities.


Thanks to all this, PISTENTECH is one of the world’s largest independent dealers on the market. The main focus of used slope maintenance vehicle sales continues to be on the winter market but sales of machines for other purposes are growing, too.


A fair price-performance ratio, reliability, flexibility and punctual delivery are just as important to PISTENTECH as the offer itself. ts