Pipe Monster 22 Feet Plus from ZAUGG at the Swiss ski resort Laax in action. Title photo: Weisse Arena Laax, remaining photos: ZAUGG

Zaugg pipe machines: For the best half-pipes

Freestyle skiers or snowboarders, beginners or pros – they all want a perfect half-pipe. With the pipe machines from ZAUGG, ski resorts can deliver.

The Swiss snow clearance equipment manufacturer ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL is an established and innovative partner of the best-known winter sports resorts in Europe and overseas.


Only those who constantly offer the discerning winter sports consumer something new can be confident of having well-frequented slopes and snow parks. This, of course, starts off by paying proper attention to beginners and providing them with halfpipes and snow parks that reflect their current skills.


At countless professional sports events around the world ZAUGG has also demonstrated that its 18 or 22 feet Pipe Monster (and newly also the 22 feet Plus model) is capable of building the best super pipes to meet the demands of worldclass snowboarders.


Pipe Monster conquers hard artificial snow pipes with the same ease as mountains of powder snow. ZAUGG also offers, among other products, Pipe Designer, Catblower, Twin Blower and Tubing Designer.

Pipe Monster

Under the name Pipe Monster, ZAUGG manufactures the largest machine in the world for shaping half-pipes for snowboarders. Cutting reels shape the snow like a gigantic curved plane.


“The ZAUGG half-pipe machines provide the perfect balance between snowboarder and skislope machine needs. From the initial design idea to the present finished product, the determination to construct a machine to provide for perfect interaction between the operator and the machine has been apparent in the development of the pipe machines,” explains Rolf Egli, ZAUGG Marketing Manager.

Technical Data:

Pipe Monster

18 feet, 22 feet or new 22 feet plus

  • Drive hydraulic
  • Working speed 500–800 m/h
  • Lateral movement 1,800 mm
  • Mount by means of quick-fit connector to desired ski-slope vehicle
  • Weight 1,440 kg/1,520 kg/1,580 kg

Pipe Designer & Tubing Designer

Pipe Designer, on the other hand, is suitable for the shaping and maintenance of small to mid-size half-pipes. “We set out to create a premium half-pipe machine that would represent a real innovation rather than simply adding another product to this sector,” says Egli.


The goal was to reduce working time and simplify the task, whatever the type of snow or weather condition. In order to keep maintenance work and costs of the pipe machines to a minimum, the use of small sliding parts or wear rails was deliberately avoided.


ZAUGG’s Tubing Designer has been developed for even smaller snow park attractions, snow tubes in particular. Egli is convinced that: “Kids and adults alike are thrilled about professional snow tubes.”

Technical Data:

Pipe Designer

8 feet or 13 feet

  • Drive hydraulic
  • Working speed 600–1,000 m/h
  • Lateral Movement 1,800 mm
  • Mount by means of quick-fit connector to desired ski-slope vehicle
  • Weight 1,180/1,260 kg

Technical Data:

Tubing Designer

  • Drive hydraulic
  • Working speed 800–1,200 m/h
  • Lateral Movement 1,000 mm
  • Mount Large ski-slope machines: 770 kg 
                 Small ski-slope machines: 690 kg
  • Weight 1,180 /1,260 kg

Lateral snow blower

ZAUGG has developed new products not only for snow parks but also for traditional ski slopes. Lateral snow blowers and Catblower for ski slope vehicles in particular.


These special ZAUGG snow blowers for ski-slope vehicles have two hy-draulically rotatable and tiltable ejection chutes with a very large ejection range, thus allowing effective and precise movement of the snow. “The dynamic displacement effect creates extremely compact ski slopes, enduring even in warm weather,” explains Egli.


The snow blowers are hydrostatically driven and have two high-performance hydraulically secured impellers. The two cutting reels are side mounted and secured by automatic cut-out clutches. The double chutes made of stainless steel are each fitted with four flaps for the wide adjustment of the ejection range.


“Thanks to a convenient foot control, the chutes can be controlled either synchronously or individually,” emphasizes Egli. The snow blowers can be attached to and detached from any common skislope vehicle by means of the matching quick-release couplings.

Technical Data:

Lateral snow blower & Catblower

320 cm or 440 cm

  • Clearing width 320/440 cm
  • Lateral movement 130/0 cm
  • Clearing height 80 cm
  • Clearing capacity 1,000/1.100 t/h
  • Adjustable casting distance 35 m
  • Cutter diameter 55 cm
  • Impeller diameter 70 cm
  • Weight 1,150/1,200 kg

Twin Blower

And ZAUGG’s Twin Blower, too, must be mentioned. This special snow blower for small snow groomers is equipped with two chutes, allowing the operator to place the snow exactly where he wants it.


The dynamic displacement effect results in highly compacted slopes that last even through warm weather periods,” continues Egli. The ski-slope maintenance crew can thus shift snow efficiently and cost-effectively.


Using different mounting frames, the snow blower can be fitted to any ski-slope vehicle with adequate drive power. The chutes provide for considerable flexibility in the ejection range. ts

Technical Data:


270 cm or 330 cm

  • Clearing width 270/330 cm
  • Lateral movement 80 cm
  • Clearing height 800 t/h
  • Adjustable casting distance 25 m
  • Cutter diameter 55 cm
  • Impeller diameter 52 cm
  • Weight 700/780kg

USA: Zaugg switches sales partners

HL Hardline Equipment replaces PBL


One of ZAUGG’s successful partnerships of many years ends this year: the company PBL has made ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL (Switzerland)‘s products – and the machines for creation and maintenance/care of half-pipes in particular – known and also abundantly distributed at the North American continent over the past twenty years.


Now, ZAUGG is switching to HL Hardline Equipment to ensure that the North American clientele can continue to enjoy Swiss reliability and product quality, as well as ZAUGG’s advice, spare parts supplies and Services interruption.