The world´s top snow acrobats enjoy perfect conditions

Hafjell is a renowned name when it comes to winter sports. A Norwegian ski resort with Olympic tradition, it will now be engraved in the memory of the younger generations of freestyle riders and skiers. The reason being the X-Games, one of the most popular freestyle winter sports events, which was hosted there in March 2017.


Together with its partners Schneestern (SST) and Snow Park Technologies (SPT), PistenBully provided the right tools to build the necessary courses for this event as the official equipment supplier. Outstanding quality. Already in 2016, PistenBully was able to convince the Hafjell ski resort of the quality made in Laupheim. Three vehicles, one 600 Polar, one 600 Park and one 400 ParkPro have supported the Norwegian snow groomer operators since February 2016.


In part due to the convincing quality provided by the redvehicles, Hafjell extended its trust in PistenBully for the X-Games Norway. In February 2017, four PistenBully in special Park and Winch designs were delivered exclusively for the creation of the Big Air and Slopestyle Contests, those machines were used at X-Games Norway.

The right tools for the right workers

At this year’s X-Games Aspen in January,PistenBully proved its ability to provide the right tools for X-Games Norway. The red vehicles groomed Big Air, Slopestyle and Superpipe at Buttermilk resort. To do so, not only the right tools but also the right operators were indispensable. That is why at X-Games Norway, the PistenBully vehicles were operated by the two most qualified partners cooperating with Kassbohrer when it comes to freestyle winter sports: Schneestern and Snow Park Technologies.


The European market leader SST and the number one company in North America, SPT worked closely together at this major project. SPT took care of the design whilst SST was in charge of the creation of the legendary courses. PistenBully is proud to have laid the groundwork for one of the most popular freestyle winter sports events in cooperation with these two professional teams.