For the company owner Florian Immoos and his team, trust and safety are top priorities in the firm’s philosophy. Photos: IMMOOS

Immoos-20 years of company history

An eventful and successful year

The Swiss rescue specialist, IMMOOS, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. The focus was on introducing the service “Safety Management” and launching the firm’s new logo.


Beat Immoos founded the company IMMOOS BERGUNGSTECHNIK on 1 February 1997. By that time, he had 25 years of experience in the field of cableway technology under his belt and knew how to make successful use of it. Then in 2013, after 15 years, he retired from business and handed the company over to his nephew Florian Immoos. Fresh wind and new ideas developed quickly and were enthusiastically implemented by the whole family. Florian Immoos has successfully led the company for over five years now and in 2017, he and his colleagues celebrated its 20th anniversary.

A rescuer moving with the help of a self-propelled cable rescue carriage SS1 from the above-situated tower to the movable transport unit.

Safety as all-in-one solution

One of the largest projects of 2017 was the implementation of IMMOOS Safety Management, a service that provides much comfort. “With IMMOOS Safety Management, we offer our customers an all-in-one solution. The rescue plan is always up-todate, the material always available and ready for use, the personnel are welleducated and ready for emergency,” describes Florian Immoos.


In addition, a customized rescue plan is developed for the relevant company and necessary material identified on the basis of such plan. However, it is not necessary to purchase such material, it can be rented. IMMOOS began by offering this service to its longstanding customers in the region. The cable car company Sattel-Hochstuckli AG was the first one to benefit from IMMOOS Safety Management.


Further interested parties were not long in coming. “We found ourselves working on the plans and subsequently launching IMMOOS Safety Management for seven more companies within just a few months,” confirms Florian Immoos. With this service, IMMOOS is responding to the needs of many cableway companies.

Florian Immoos checks a cable rescue carriage SS1 with which a single rescuer can ride to the cable car cabin and recover the passengers.

Positive response to new logo

Launching the new firm logo and slogan was another project of the year. The new logo with a simple and remarkable design makes a modern and dynamic impression. “There are two intertwined O’s in the center of the logo, symbolizing trust and safety which we wish to convey,” explains Florian Immoos. The previous slogan “Bergung- und Sicherheitssysteme (Rescue and Safety Systems)” has been replaced, too.


IMMOOS now promotes its services with a new slogan “Evacuation and Safety Solutions”. “Changing the logo took a long time but we are very happy with the result. Our business partners’ response to the change has been very positive, too,” adds Immoos. For a long time now, IMMOOS has been recognized as an expert in the field of rescue technology not only in the Alpine region.


In 2017, its products and services were supplied to more than 30 countries worldwide. “Our goal is to make the IMMOOS brand even more famous and known throughout the world. We have had an eventful and successful year and look forward to further successful years of working together with our business partners,” concludes Florian Immoos. ts