Dressed in protective clothing and holding compressed-air pistols, the personnel are cleaning gearboxes from dirt and remains of paint in the sandblasting facility.

Kissling AG

For inner and outer beauty

Into the future in a new coat: With its large sandblasting system, KISSLING AG makes revised gearboxes shine again.


KISSLING AG’s new sandblasting facility offers enough room for a small car. The five-meter long, four-meter wide and fourand- a-half-meter tall cleaning box is a recent addition to the production hall of this Swiss gears manufacturer in Bachenbülach near Zurich. For six months, the sandblasting system has been cleaning old and used gearboxes from dirt and the remains of paint to enable a fine new paint to be applied to their surface. “Before sandblasting, we fixed the areas where paint was peeling off with a paintbrush. The result was unseemly paint with an additional risk that other painted areas will start to peel later,” explains Roman Siegfried, Marketing Director of KISSLING AG. With the new sandblasting system, the gear boxes are blasted to the shell before their surface is covered with new paint.

“Our people using protective equipment scrub off the old paint completely with the help of compressed air and very fine sand,” describes Siegfried. Thanks to the enormous size of the cleaning box, the employees can comfortably walk around the gearboxes and reach every corner of the product. “Even cleaning larger planetary gear sets from the fields of industry or cableways is not a problem,” explains Siegfried proudly.

The large sandblasting box is wood-paneled inside and equipped with a security door. Photos: KISSLING AG

Customized new paint

Every gearbox revised by KISSLING is cleaned in the new sandblasting facility. With that, around 120 gearboxes annually regain not only their inner beauty thanks to maintenance, repair and care, but also acquire a new exterior. “The customer can pick the color of the new paint. Our standard offer includes red and gray,” continues Siegfried.


The number of coats of paint is also chosen individually, for example, cableway gear units need two to three base coat layers plus a top coat while industrial gearboxes typically need less than that and maritime units significantly more. After the cleaning in the sandblasting box and application of new paint in the KISSLING AG workshop, the gearboxes are shipped to the customers. “The gearboxes look brand new as if they have only just been manufactured,” emphasizes Siegfried.

The crowning glory of the company’s 92 years of experience in gear manufacturing is the Seilbahn-Kegel-Planet (SKP) gearbox from KISSLING.

New gear units from KISSLING’s own production

KISSLING not only retrofits gearboxes but also manufactures them. Since 1925, the company based in Bachenbülach, Switzerland, produces, retrofits and maintains units for cableways and roller coasters, cement and sugar mills, paper machines, extrusion systems, agitators, compressors and generators, test benches and power plants. It has produced more than 160,000 gear units to date.


“Our field of business is wide but we have grown big with gears for cableways,” says Siegfried. Drive units for lifts account for 60 percent of the production and are in great demand from the industry. “Although we are just a medium-sized family business with 35 employees, we hold a market share of around 30 percent,” emphasizes Siegfried.


Even famous cableways, such as the aerial tramway going up Sugerloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro or the Roosevelt Island Tramway in New York are equipped with gearboxes from KISSLING. All newly-produced gearboxes are extensively examined and tested before they can leave the production halls. Among other tests, KISSLING’s gear units endure up to six hours of extreme stress tests before they are shipped to customers. On average, four new gearbox types are designed every year – all in Swiss quality.

High-quality, safe, durable

“Swiss Made” stands for high quality, safety and durability. If properly maintained and revised, gearboxes from KISSLING last pretty much forever while cheaper products from competitors often need to be replaced after ten years. KISSLING prefers repairing to selling new gears at customers’ expense. The Swiss experts are able to retrofit gears that are decades old, coming from around the world, whether or not originally manufactured by them. KISSLING simply stands for Swiss quality and flexibility – when developing or manufacturing gearboxes, revising drive systems or supporting its customers. ts