The HEAD BYS ski sorting system makes it possible to hand out skis without using a tech bench or a screw driver. First, the skis are assorted per size and per DIN setting, and then stored according to their BYS code. Ready for Rent. Simple, Clear and Effective. Photo SI/Pichlmair

Head BYS system

A rental system revolution

The revolutionary BYS rental System gives a whole new dimension to rental shop owners and their customers by re-defining the rental process.


Upon implementing the system, shop owners have experienced 50 percent less process time, lower labor costs, a lower purchasing price, and no set-up costs upon purchase. HEAD developed the system in 2005 with the input of rental dealers worldwide. Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Massachusetts was one of the first partners that implemented the system successfully in North America. As a result, rental line ups were a thing of the past. Not only did the rental customers enjoy the light weight equipment, but the extra time they had to be on the slopes.

What is the BYS system?

The system is simple and is comprised of three different parts: skis, boots and bindings. SKIS: The skis are designed to be versatile and come in five different lengths ranging from XS to XL. All lengths are color coded and can be identified from a distance. They are available in two models: a fair priced ski with a synthetic core called the LINK and a higher performing full wood core model called the LINK Pro.


All skis are delivered with nonmovable bindings in black or yellow and are pre-installed with a freely adjustable track binding. The bindings have a pre season test performed at the factory, so no additional testing is required if the skis are used with the BYS boots. BOOTS & BINDINGS: The boots are available in two models ranging in size from 23 to 34.


Two shoe sizes are sharing one shell size. This means that there are 6 shell sizes covering a size run. The innovative feature is that two shell sizes are sharing on sole length only. This reduction to three sole lengths reduces the amount of binding adjustments. Depending on the sole lengths, the resulting DIN numbers are also easy to manage. The DIN settings of 4, 5 and 6 are covering up to 90% of all settings needed in a season. In summary: The BYS system reduces the amount of combinations of settings needed in an average rental shop from over 2,000/season to less than 100.

All ski boot sizes are split into only 3 sole lengths. They are marked with black, yellow and silver color codes. HEAD ski boots are available as a fleet or as a high performance version. Photo: HEAD

How does BYS work?

BYS uses a simple and easy color coded system – black, yellow, and silver - to identify the sole length and binding set ting. A black coded boot fits perfectly and only in a black coded binding. Forward pressure is always correct and does not need adjustment. If the skis are being stored by length, DIN numbers, and color code, adjustments are no longer needed and skis can be simply handed out directly to the customer.


This is a fast, efficient, and safe process. For example, a customer has been fitted for a boot. He fits a boot size 25 with a black color code. According to his weight, height and skier type, he needs a ski of 150 cm and has a DIN of 5. The technician hands out a 150cm ski with black coded binding which is already preset at DIN 5. The time needed compared to a traditional process is reduced by at least 50%.

Why BYS ?

The advantages of the system are clear, time and labor required to adjust all components to the over 2,000 different settings necessary in a season equals almost twice the time needed to operate a BYS System. The simplicity combined with the clear sizing and coding makes the operation easy for shop rental staff. The time saved in repetitive procedures can be used at the discretion of the shop owner. This gives shop owners the chance to provide better service (i.e. boot fitting options), increased capacity, and time to improve the shop profitability. BYS is clearly the fastest way for a customer to get a perfectly fitting rental set. And less time in the shop means more fun on the slopes! ts

Step 1: Buy online or at ticket window.

Step 2: Provide info at rental bulding

Step 3: Get your boots, try them on 

Step 4: Pick up your pre-adjusted skis.

Step 5: Get your poles and have fun.

Photos: Wachusett Mountain Ski Area