The reservoir Dohlennest fits in perfectly with the topography of Axamer Lizum. Graphics: Axamer Lizum

Tiroler rohre (TRM) in Axamer Lizum

Large dimensions and very little time!

With the construction of a 255,000-cubic-meter reservoir, four pumps, and more than ten kilometers of TRM snowmaking pipelines in just three months, the current project in Axamer Lizum surpasses usual dimensions of time and space.


After its completion, the infrastructure in Axamer Lizum (Tirol) should be able to provide snow cover to ski slopes spread over a total area of 108 acres. Just the spatial dimension of the current construction phase, with the snow 255,000-cubic-meter reservoir Dohlennest, four pumps and more than 10 kilometers of snowmaking pipelines, surpasses the bounds usual in this business.


The short time window from August to November 2017 represented an additional challenge for Axamer Lizum Aufschließungs AG as the investor in this project. This is why the company selected TIROLER ROHRE GMBH (TRM) as the pipeline supplier. “TRM has been a dream partner for us right from the beginning. The large dimensions of our project, together with the extremely short timetable, requires the ability to supply quickly and comprehensively and TRM alone is able to guarantee it,” explains the chairman, Heinrich Pfeifer.

Heinrich Pfeifer

Chairman of the Board of Axamer Lizum Aufschliessungs AG

„TRM has been a dream partner for us right from the beginning. The large dimensions of our project, together with the extremely short time available, required a quick and comprehensive ability to supply and TRM alone is able to guarantee it. The exact number of fittings and special parts we could only estimate in advance. Despite that, TRM supplies the pipes within two hours in the highest quality.“

Specifically, TRM supplies pipes necessary to connect the new snow reservoir Dohlennest to the existing pipeline system, to fix existing holes in the infrastructure and diverse feeding lines. “The entire scope of our products is being utilized in Axamer Lizum. The diameters range from DN80 to DN600, nominal pressures from 40 to 100 bar,” explains TRM’s distribution engineer Mario Ruggenthaler. In addition, hundreds of fittings are needed, the exact number of which could only be estimated in advance. “Despite this, TRM supplies the pipes within two hours in the highest quality,” praises Heinrich Pfeifer, evidently satisfied with his supplier. The Board is very happy also about the good cooperation with the general planner, AEP, and the authorities. “Since the infrastructure blends in well with nature and the topography ideally fits the rock and gravel layers, we did not need to fight either geological challenges or political resistance.”

Two DN 250 and three DN300 transport lines and one DN600 main discharge pipe empty the reservoir.

Pipes with thick walls

TRM pipes start at the pump station, located by the reservoir, which consists of two pre-compression and two high-compression pumps and should have six pipelines with a conveying capacity of 500 liters per second upon completion. “Our DN600 main discharge pipe has a corresponding absorption capacity and could empty the reservoir within 48 hours in an emergency situation,” says Ruggenthaler. Thanks to their thick walls, the other pipes, too, can be designed for pressure levels as high as a 1,000-meter water column. “For security reasons, the thickness of our pipes can handle triple the height of the water column,” explains Ruggenthaler.

Foreman Christoph Gallrauner and his team of six are happy that the pipes can be laid quickly and simply thanks to the TRM connection latches.

All TRM’s products are tested for quality and compliance with the ÖNORM EN545 standards prior to distribution. “Tension-proof pipe connections have to be able to resist 1.5 times the planned nominal pressure,” adds Ruggenthaler. There are six teams working in Axamer Lizum, laying up to 250 meters of pipes daily. “Thanks to the TRM connection latches, connecting the pipes is quick and simple and that saves both time and effort,” reports foreman Christoph Gallrauner.

Mario Ruggenthaler

Tirol and Vorarlberg Distribution, TIROLER ROHRE

„With over 10 kilometers of snowmaking pipelines, the construction site in Axamer Lizum is this year’s largest project for TRM in the snowmaking business. Axamer Lizum Aufschliessungs AG, and especially Heinrich Pfeifer, deliberately bet on our dedicated customer support including construction site inspections, material lists and on-site training, including the connected savings.“

Further advantages of the TRM pipe include the force-locking connection VRS-T® for all pressure and diameter levels, as well as bending of the pipe to an angle of up to five degrees without the necessity to use fittings. “With the TRM pipes, we have clearly bet on quality, safety and a long lifespan,” says Pfeifer, once again explaining the selection of TRM as pipe supplier. Thanks to the new reservoir at the altitude of around 2,000 meters and the TRM snowmaking pipelines, water needed for the snowmaking installation does not need to be pumped up from the valley any longer; rather, it will be distributed in an energy-efficient way with its own pressure in the future. The reservoir Dohlennest will be filled with water coming off the slopes and cooled by recirculation. Thanks to a sieving facility, no material needs to be brought in or removed during the construction of the reservoir. The pump station will be integrated in an environmentfriendly manner.

Dedicated customer support

In addition, Axamer Lizum Aufschließungs AG bets deliberately also on TRM’s dedicated customer support. “By inspecting the construction site, material lists or conducting on-site training, we have helped the ski region to save time, material, effort and money,“ says Ruggenthaler, describing another aspect of this colossal project. ts