The new PistenBully 600 is a powerful snow groomer with the best thrust performance and highest gradability. Photos: SI/SurrerSI/Surrer

The new Pistenbully 600

The charm of novelty

Packed with 16 patents and numerous innovative features, the new PistenBully 600 is a ski slope vehicle of the next generation.


KÄSSBOHRER is currently promoting its new PistenBully 600 with the slogan “Level Red - The New Generation”. And indeed: the new model brings evolution in ski slope management. KÄSSBOHRER engineers, working closely with their customers, have packed PistenBully 600 with 16 patents and numerous innovative features.

Clean performance

Experts from Laupheim have integrated a new diesel engine Cummins X12 into the vehicle. With an output of 382 kW / 520 PS, the engine guarantees an increased torque (by eight percent) of 175 Nm. As a result, the engine can reach a high mass power ratio of 28 kg/kW. In addition, it is the only snow groomer engine worldwide to meet the environment-friendly EU tier 5.

The iTerminal and the intuitive Joystick faciliate the operation of the PistenBully 600.

Stable light weight

mized transfer case, PistenBully 600 is especially quiet. The vehicle’s well-designed and improved accessibility, larger tank volume of 300 liters and batteries with a higher cold start current makes maintenance easier. The new chassis can be quickly adjusted with the QuickAdjust interlock and, compared with its predecessor, its axels support greater weight: 4,000 kg on the tensioning axel (+50%) and 1,750 kg on the four running axels (+35%). Altogether, the permitted total weight is 14,500 kg.

The new driver’s cab offers better noise insulation and continuously adjustable automatic comfort-heating.

Convenient panoramic view

The new driver’s cab offers better noise insulation and continuously adjustable automatic comfort-heating (optional with air-conditioning). The high-quality and low-maintenance driver’s workspace with a high-end sound system Alpine DAB+ Radio and an integrated installation space for the snow-depth-measuring system SNOWsat complete the cab which is designed to guarantee the highest level of safety (ROPS 14.5 t.) The new standard illumination consists of a LED light package with a Tiller- Flap at the cab directed to the back, and LED Sidefinder, LED blinker and tail lamps integrated in the supporting frame.

Albert Arbogast introduces PistenBully 600 at the international road show Level Red Tour.

IIntuitive joystick

The new PistenBully 600’s operating concept abounds with patents. The highlight is definitely an intuitive joystick through which the driver can perform all four main motions of the clearing blade at the same time. A number of other functions can be controlled with buttons; double occupancy has been avoided. The new display system iTerminal, which should ensure united visualization also for all future PistenBully models, enjoys the same legal protection.


Good resolution, high luminosity and a simple, intuitive menu navigation ensures practicality both during the day and night. Self-explanatory presentation of the functions, a main screen automatically adapted to the vehicle fit-out and a wellstructured touchscreen with very few symbols (just warnings and mistakes are displayed) makes driving stress-free.

The intelligent „Auto Tracer“ tiller control function helps the driver during steering and compensates for inclines.

Patented assistance systems

Then there are the patented assistance systems: the new automatic winch pulling force regulation makes it easier for the driver, prevents unnecessarily high pulling force and protects the winch and the winch cable. Hand in hand with it goes an active winch with constant pulling force and an ice sensor to prevent cable wear and tear. An intelligent tiller steering system, AutoTracer, helps the driver during steering and compensates for inclines. An intelligent implement carrier steering, SnowTronic, enables automatic adjustments for inclines, simplified operation and a wide range of motions. Moreover, the driver can make use of the speed control function, a potentiometer for engine speed and an intelligent gas pedal.

Evolution, not revolution!

SI editor Thomas Surrer about the new PistenBully 600

“Those who expected a radically new vehicle from KÄSSBOHRER do not know the Laupheim manufacturer well. Its engineers did not break away from the past just to be able to advertise a “revolution”. Rather, they further developed, together with their customers, the existing vehicles. The new PistenBully 600 raises slope management to the highest level but does not launch a completely new game.


The amount of novelty features is what makes this “Level Red” vehicle so charming, and the intuitive joystick above all. Even I, as an amateur, have quickly got the hold of the blade and tiller steering. In addition, the new PistenBully climbs better, pushes with more power and weighs less than its predecessors. Its high load capacity and reliable winch give the vehicle maximum efficiency. PistenBully 600 is also environmentfriendlier than all other comparable vehicles: it is the world’s first ski slope vehicle that complies with the requirements of EU Tier 5. Numerous further improvements in the driver’s cab, the hydraulics and the chassis definitely make the new PistenBully 600 a vehicle for a new generation of ski slope management. Welcome to Level Red!”

Claudius Henger explaining the automatic winch pulling force regulation during the road show Level Red Tour. Dates under www.level-red.com.

Improved hydraulics

KÄSSBOHRER’s engineers have also improved the hydraulics with new electrohydraulic brakes, a high pressure filter, and working hydraulics whose higher power output per liter compared to that of its predecessor (+20%), calibrated valves and modular design are quite convincing. The proportional working hydraulics can be electronically controlled and have an optimized degree of efficiency thanks to better regulation. Conclusion: PistenBully 600 makes its case with its numerous innovative features and patents.