The towers are up to 164 meters high, the route altogether eight kilometers long. Photos: DOPPELMAYR


The world´s longest triple-cablecar connects two vacation islands

It has been less than two-and-a-half years since the ground-breaking ceremony for the world’s longest cableway took place in southern Vietnam. Now, the operation of this 7,899-meter-long installation has been launched. The cableway connects two islands, Phú Quoc and Hòn Thom.


Both islands, Phú Quoc and Hòn Thom in southern Vietnam, have always been popular vacation destinations. And with the new record-breaking cableway from DOPPELMAYR, they will certainly become even more important in the future. At the ground-breaking ceremony around two-and-a-half years ago, numerous guests of honor were in attendance, including also the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan, who eagerly embraced the opportunity to be present at this important event.

Breaking its own world record

By finishing this world-record-breaking cableway talked about by the whole world, the Vorarlberg’s DOPPELMAYR has beaten its own previous world-record. The cableway is quite unique: it is the longest triple-cable gondola to-date, traversing the tropical turquois sea in a single, almost eight-kilometers-long span. Its towers project from both vacation islands and two islands in between to the height of 164 meters above sea level.


A ride from one island to the other takes only 15 minutes during which you can enjoy a spectacularly beautiful view. The comfortable CWA cabins accommodate up to 30 persons, enabling the transfer of 3,500 persons per hour in each direction at a speed of 8.5 meters per second. The investor of this giant undertaking is the Sun Group Corporation.


Together with DOPPELMAYR, they have already implemented other projects that made the worldwide headlines: the Bana Big Ropeway (the longest mono-cable detachable gondola) and the reversible aerial tramway Ha Long Queen Cable Car (featuring the largest cable car cabin, which hosts up to 230 persons, as well as the highest cableway tower at 188.88 meters). The new cable car should improve the infrastructure in this vacation region; expanding the leisure time offering, e.g. the construction of a theme park and new hotel facilities and other modern accommodations are also planned.

Passengers can enjoy a spectacularly beautiful view.

The innovative triple-cable

The tried-and-tested 3S cable car from DOPPELMAYR combines the advantages of a gondola cableway and a reversible aerial tramway: the 3-cable system consists of two permanently anchored and fully locked track cables making up the trackway, and one circulating haul cable clamped to the 8-wheel carriages. This detachable circulating system is efficient and reliable: the passengers (max. of 35) travelling in the cabins experience a comfortable ride even in the most extreme conditions.


High wind stability, low energy consumption and long cable spans are the instantly recognizable strengths of the 3S cableway. Other note-worthy performance features of this modern cableway system include travel speed of up to 8.5 m/s and transport capacity of up to 5,500 persons per hour and direction. The evacuation concept developed by DOPPELMAYR has been integrated into the Hòn Thom 3S cableway as well, guaranteeing passenger safety in the case of a rescue situation.


Cableways with such spectacular attributes as the 3S Hòn Thom are exceptional even for the cableway assembly team from DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA. Working at such airy heights, together with capricious weather conditions, especially during the wet season, is a real challenge, but the assembly team have mastered it in a most professional and reliable manner.

Technical data

30-TGD Hòn Thom

           24 sitting, 6 standing