Thanks to many satisfied customers and high demand, PISTENTECH now also delivers its vehicles to Asia and South America. Photos: PISTENTECH

Pistentech supplies the world

Used ski-slope groomers & more

PISTENTECH not only sells used ski-slope grooming machines, it even delivers them to every ski region around the world – including handling and customs clearance.


The German company PISTENTECH has recently entered two new large markets with its used ski-slope groomers - China and Argentina – thereby expanding its worldwide conquest to include now more than 30 countries. The company, dealing in machines made by both important manufacturers, PISTENBULLY and PRINOTH, sells and rents these vehicles turnkey, i.e. refurbished, verified and with all the necessary paperwork. “We take care of all the customs documents and approvals so that the ski regions or middlemen can get their machines stressfree,” explains Gloria Karakikes, the Marketing/Office representative of PISTENTECH.

The all-in-one package includes not only documents, but also transport, handling and, where required, assistance during assembly at the place of delivery and, eventually, also service. “We are totally flexible and ready to adjust to our customers’ needs at any time – and not only with regard to transport. The vehicles are prepared exactly as the customer wishes,” says Antonios Karakikes, PISTENTECH’s owner. Depending on the customer’s needs and budget, the machines may be sold with or without revision.

PISTENTECH sells and rents out, among others, machines from Prinoth (l.) and PISTENBULLY.

The company’s offer is available online under www.pistentech.com and may be viewed at the company’s registered address in Deisslingen/Dietingen (Germany). “Our customers appreciate not only our fair prices and flexibility but also our reliability and honesty,” continues Antonios Karakikes. PISTENTECH is interested also in purchasing used ski-slope groomers, of course. “This is why we keep looking for new contacts and are open to all offers from ski regions,” adds Gloria Karakikes

Ski-slope maintenance for rent

In addition, PISTENTECH also rents out ski-slope maintenance services for a fixed price as a complete package including the machines, drivers, repair service and maintenance. Such services may be booked for a single season or for as long as five years. ts