Course participants come not only from european countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and spain but also make long journeys to experience the customer training directly in Wolfurt, for example from China, Russia or Malaysia. Photos: DOPPELMAYR


Benefit from the know-how of the global market leader

Safe and fast handling of the state-of-the-art cable car systems can be learnt directly with the experts from Wolfurt.


Successful Austrian company DoPPeLMAYr is known for its high-quality, customer-oriented solutions. To live up to this reputation, numerous experts work time and again on new en- tries and areas, so that customers can also be offered the best possible product. Yet, especially with the best products, the handling and understanding of the system must be in place in order to be able to exploit the full potential safely.


As the focus at DOPPELMAYR is always on the customer, special information aimed at customers was provided even back in the 1980s. The response was great and the provision was therefore improved more and more, until the first training comparable with today was offered in 1996. The seminars focus on optimal operation of the systems, ranging from availability to reduction of servicing requirements. Mechanical training and basic electromechanical courses are especially popular at the moment.

Versatile like the range

A change in areas of responsibility, skills or purely for interest – there are many reasons why the employees of cable car operators want to attend customer training. Consideration has therefore been given to designing the training to be as versatile as possible, so that every participant can be offered the right thing.


Internationality is a very strong priority in the DOPPELMAYR group and this is also reflected in the range of courses. For example, the training is offered not only in German and english but also in many other languages, such as spanish or Czech. International customers are pleased to make use of this service.

Focus on the customer

It is not only the programme of courses that is tailored to participants’ requirements but also the dates. The standardised pro- gramme of courses is offered primarily between easter and the end of september. However, special courses can be booked all year round. on request, the training can also be brought directly to the customer. tm