Photos: Skitude

Destination industry goes digital

Global skier community and app-factory Skitude joins forces with ticketing and technology team at Skioo, co-creating a 360 digital platform for the mountain and destination industry. The merger brings a whole new experience to this business that both ski resorts and skiers will benefit from.


Globally, more than 1,3 million skiers are already tracking their activity through Skitude´s unique offline GPS technology. More than 2100 ski resorts in 45 countries are connected with the Skitude platform, turning skiing into a more social and engaging activity for their customers.


Skitude also power almost 200 ski resorts and mountain destinations globally with their own native apps, utilizing the engaging technology. The merger is now adding in-app dynamic ticketing solutions to the platform to offer a seamless and hassle-free skiing experience to visitors.



This brings a new, sought-after dimension to the ski industry and mountain destinations in particular, with a seamless digital user journey that enhances the experience in all aspects. Simply put, Skitude is making skiing more accessible and attractive through a full-fledged digital customer experience that reflects a mobile-driven society, states Chairman Yngve Tvedt.


The merger is a result of overlapping technology and market coverage, with Skitude headquartered in Girona, Spain, and offices in Italy, France, UK and the USA. Swiss-Norwegian ticketing tech company, Skioo, operates out of Lausanne and Oslo, giving the combined team a strong presence across all western markets. Total headcount for the new team is 50 strong, which will operate under the Skitude brand.

User data, activity tracks and online ticketing brings actionable insights, and ski destinations can finally run targeted marketing campaigns and measure conversion, as well as optimize their capacity and pricing - making them more competitive in the leisure market. - Despite population growth, the ski industry is suffering from a stagnant user mass.


Shorter seasons, no baby-boomers, static and inconvenient offerings are all frequently mentioned challenges that the ski industry and mountain destinations are facing.


We set out on a journey to solve these challenges through technology and a modern digital user experience for consumers, in parallel with valuable insights for the ski resorts and destinations, which now can interact and engage with their guests before, during and after their visit.


This strengthens the competitiveness of the industry moving forward, says Bigas.



According to industry analyst Laurent Vanat, the mountain destination industry need more focus on enhancing the experience of skiers and give them more convenience, in order to stem the global decline in visitation. - Except from season pass holders and a small share of online purchases, the ski resorts have no insight of who their customers are, where they come from, their visitor frequency or behavior patterns. Nor do they know how to communicate with them easily, in order to understand where to improve and enhance the visitor experience.


Such insight is crucial to have in order to provide guests with more tailored and convenient offerings.