The “Off the PC – Out in the Snow” programme, which Kässbohrer hopes will inspire child- ren for winter sports, is aimed at everyone equally. Ski resorts as well as associations and outfitters are all dependent on having an adequate supply of young talent in winter sports.


That is why this commitment has been so well received and is increasingly becoming established as an example of best practice. enthusiastic faces, red cheeks and a whole lot of fun – once again, the 2019 PistenBully kids’ camps were a highlight for a total of around 100 children eager for professional tips from their sporting idols.

Enthralled children at Ödberg. Photos: Kässbohrer

Ski cross camp with Daniel Bohnacker

Daniel Bohnacker is one of Germany’s most successful ski crossers: world cup winner, olympic athlete, German champion. This time, he attended the eventful PistenBully session for young people aged from twelve to sixteen at Ödberglift ostin on Tegernsee. After Daniel’s welcome and the allocation of starting numbers, there was no escaping the strenuous warm-up programme.


Together with DsV ski cross colleague and co-coach Florian Wilmsmann as well as DsV trainers, things then continued with the track inspection, in which important tips were given for the course. In various training sessions, the young athletes were introduced to the individual segments of ski cross: start training, individual course sections and finally the entire track at race speed.


Exciting duels in the 2 and 3-person heats and even in race mode in the 4-person heat finished off the day and created a great atmosphere among the athletes and parents.

Florian Notz explains the tasks to the children.

Cross-country camp with Florian Notz

Just back from the world championships in seefeld, the 26-year-old cross-country skier together with his own DsV trainer stefan Dotzler welcomed 16 inquisitive kids aged between ten and fourteen to the ski jumping hill in oberstdorf. What was a first for everyone – in very mixed weather – turned out to be really enjoyable with lots of tips and tricks.


As well as a fun introduction to greater body awareness on skis, training units on the specially created track and several baton relays, the activities also included a handball match, a football match on just one ski and finally an exciting relay. even after two lots of two intensive lessons on the trail, the kids were still unstoppable!


Of course, with such sporting endeavours, a square meal was also provided: at the final lunch every day, there was plenty of opportunity to discuss the experiences of the day, to pester the athletes with questions and to collect autographs.

Daniel Bohnacker delivers the tips for ski cross.

Valuable tips, plenty of fun and action

It was not only the young participants and their parents who were impressed; Daniel bohnacker also enjoyed the ski cross training and summed up after the event: “it is fantastic to see how much the kids enjoy the ski cross track.” DsV trainer Dennis vom Brocke added: “If 29 out of 30 children have a smile on their faces, we must be doing something right!”


And Florian Notz is already thinking about everything else that could be included next season: “it is great that so many kids share the enthusiasm for this fantastic sport!”

Pulling together

Once again at the PistenBully kids’ camps, everyone pulled together to make the events such a success – thanks to the Ödberg ski resort, oberstdorf sports com plexes and all the athletes and trainers involved from DsV for the best conditions and plenty of information. From the enthusiasm of the participants, it is clear that the kids’ camps have hit the spot: technical progress on the track coupled with plenty of fun and action.