Austria’s largest ski association, Ski Amadé, enters into cooperation with Chinese ski resort Thaiwoo. Photo: ©ski amadé

Ski Amadé

Knowledge sharing with China

The contract signing in April 2018 officially sealed the strategic partnership between Austria’s largest ski association and the Olympic region of Thaiwoo.


Even if not apparent at first sight, the Chinese winter region of Thaiwoo and Austria’s biggest ski fun, Ski Amadé, have a number of things in common. Both regions are popular tourist destinations, driving economic factors in their surroundings and highly professional host venues for many national and international winter sports competitions – in 2022, Thai- woo will be one of the host regions for the Winter olympic Games in beijing.


These are good reasons and an excellent basis for the two ski resorts to enter into a partnership and for future cultural and economic exchange. “In a medium to long-term perspective, sounding out and developing new skier markets is strategically essential.


As no direct new opportunities have been emerging on the doorstep since the opening of the Central and eastern european market area, it is necessary to go further afield,” Ski Amadé Managing Director Christoph eisinger is convinced. “We are very proud to have achieved the partnership with Thaiwoo.”

Maria Yang of ski resort Thaiwoo completed her ski instructor training as part of the cooperation with ski Amadé and Salzburg professional association of ski & snowboard instructors (sbssV). Photo: © SBSSV (Salzburg professional association of ski & snowboard instructors)

Contract signing in April 2018

After an exchange of experience at management level and reciprocal destination visits, the strategic partnership was sealed with the contract signing in April 2018. both parties entered into active exchange this winter season. As such, among other things, cross- marketing activities were introduced, which cover all areas from the website through print and online to social media marketing.


Moreover, the market place- ment of ski amadé on the Chinese market has been prepared and attractive packages have been tailored for guests coming from China. Thaiwoo VIP customers have been welcomed to ski amadé as part of study trips. “Although these markets are currently still being established on a microscale, they offer future potential and opportunities for further internationalisation of the market basis of ski amadé and its regions.


A selective marketing mix with tight budgets is being employed here,” eisinger describes the intention behind the forging of links with the Far east.

Ski resort Thaiwoo is one of the most successful ski resorts in China. Photo: © ski resort Thaiwoo

Other Partners

To ensure the transfer of knowledge with regard to professional provision of ski technology, salzburg professional asso ciation of ski & snow- board instructors (SBSSV) has been involved in the project as a longstan- ding ski amadé partner, providing training for Chinese ski instructors, which should impart sound ski instruction methods in both China and Austria.


Maria yang is the first employee of ski resort Thaiwoo to have laid the foun- dation for a successful career as a ski instructor over the ten-day ski instructor training in the Gastein valley. “Naturally we hope that this is not a flash in the pan and that we will be able to help with training other ski instructors,” says Petra Huttertillian, Managing Director of SBSSV.


For SBSSV, the cooperation with China already goes back considerably further than the contract signing in the spring last year. As long as nearly 15 seasons ago, over 30 ski instructors were trained for a large Chinese ski resort and sound Austrian winter sports knowledge was therefore brought to China.

Managing Director of SBSSV, Petra hutter-Tillian. Photo: ©sbssv

Austrian Winter sport Days in Thaiwoo

In February 2019 the Austrian Winter sport Days conference and ski racing took place in Thaiwoo – a networking platform of Aussenwirtschaft AUSTRIA and the Austrian national tourist office (Österreich Werbung), at which top representatives of the Austrian and Chinese winter sports industry continued the advancement of their cooperation. tm