From 2016 to 2020, Gasteiner bergbahnen is investing around 85 million euros in modernisation of the schlossalm ski resort. The major construction projects here were undertaken in 2017 and 2018. Photos: Gasteiner bergbahnen AG – Marktl Photography


New Schlossalm cable car system

The new construction of the modern single-cable circuit was the centrepiece of the largest investment project of Gasteiner Bergbahnen.


The development of schlossalm began in the 1940s with the construction of a single-chair lift. This was replaced with the legendary funicular as early as in 1964 and an aerial tramway to Kleine scharte was added in 1965. soon, even this transport capacity was too limited and a number of chairlifts were added to the upper area of the ski resort.


The ra- pid rise of winter tourism and the everincreasing comfort requirements of guests necessitated consideration of complete restructuring of Schlossalm. Development of the “long-term new schlossalm project” started back in 2008, the beginning of a long and difficult road began to completion in late autumn last year.


Long-time planning partner MELZER & HOPFNER from bregenz was on board from day one, being responsible for cable car technical planning as well as structural engineering planning of the intermediate and top stations.

Construction began in spring 2017 and the work was completed in November 2018. The state-of-the-art single- cable circuit from Wolfurt-based cable car manufacturer DOPPELMAYR not only doubles the transport capacity to 3,000 people per hour; it also replaces the old funicular in the bottom section, so that it is no longer necessary to change at the intermediate station and winter sports enthusiasts can now get to the summit non-stop.


What is more, the new cable car top station has been moved a few metres higher and consequently reaches the optimum distribution point. From here, ski guests can now choose between three descent options: Schlossalm, Kleine Scharte or Haitzingalm

The bottom station as an eye-catcher

The multifunctional bottom station with its special architecture can certainly be described as a particular highlight. A concept of short distances skilfully connects the complex bottom station building to a multi-storey parking facility. Moving the bottom station building to the other side of the main road has also created easier and more convenient access to the ski resort.


In total, 260 covered and 640 outdoor parking spaces are available. As an eco- logically valuable innovation, there is a large solar plant, which should cover up to 90% of the energy demand at the bottom station. The design of the intermediate and top stations is oriented towards the bottom station.


The planning of the intermediate station was particularly challenging, as the existing aerial tramway had to be integrated here in addition to the new 10-passenger gondola cable car from Austrian cable car manufacturer DOPPELMAYR

Technical specifications

10-EUB Schlossalmbahn section 1

In addition, thinking well into the future, space for a further connecting route was provided in the planning. The technical concept was im- plemented by Wolfurtbased company Doppelmayr to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. Assistance was provided by Fatzer for the winding cable and CWA for the gondolas.


As usual, the global market leader equipped the new route with the greatest possible comfort; generous boarding and drop-off areas, comfortable heated seats, WLAN etc. also guarantee a comfortable ride for passengers. Consideration was also given to safety.


The 2nd section, which travels over high Alpine terrain, is therefore provided with an evacuation and emergency plan. The foundation work for a 4-way support proved to be particularly difficult. This foundation lies on a very steep rocky crest, which proved to be a challenge in the course of the rock removal.


The stone literally “crumbled”, such that the mountain had to be stabilised with very expensive and time-consuming measures. It took two summers to resolve this issue. All’s well that ends well, and the po- sitive announcement was made by Dr. Prizovsky (eIA authority) on 20.11.2018.


The official opening took place as part of a large event on 18th January 2019. All the cable car structures form a single design ensemble. The bottom, intermediate and top stations have an orange striped look and the overall image of the investment is rounded off by the orange 10-passenger gondolas. tm

Technical specifications

10-EUB Schlossalmbahn section 2