Pistenbully 100: on the path to harmony between nature and technology. Photos: Kässbohrer

Pistenbully 100

Now also at EU stage V

For KÄSSBOHRER, clean mountains are a matter that is close to the heart. The PistenBully 600 was already compliant with the EU Stage V standard in 2018 and the company from Laupheim is now following this with the PistenBully 100.


For innovative and forward-looking ski resorts, a focus on the environment is a major selling point to please visitors. The dilemma is well known: on the one hand, winter tourism offers a livelihood in many regions; on the other hand, there is room for improvement in the press image. Kässbohrer is keeping up with the quest for the greatest possible environmental protection and setting standards for emissions: the new PistenBully generation works with the cleanest engines available on the market.

The lowest emissions possible

A focus on the environment is at the top of the agenda for the company from Laupheim – after all, it has also committed to this in its BlueIQ corporate strategy. one emphasis here is on resource-saving efficient piste management. In addition to the SNOWsat software and training from the PRO ACADEMY, this is also helped by the lowest possible emission values.


Even in the new PistenBully 100, which was introduced in 2017, developers at Kässbohrer took the precaution of planning for a future-proof engine. Whereas the diesel particulate filter was available only as an option then, it has been offered as standard since the beginning of this year and therefore complies with EU stage V.

Pistenbully 100 diesel particulate filter: Installed as standard, this takes the engine up to EU stage V.

The first to have eu stage V from the start

With the exceptionally quiet and clean 12-cylinder engine, the new PistenBully 600 initially set new standards for sustainability even at its market launch, as the first piste vehicle with an eU stage V engine. It is therefore both powerful and environmentally friendly.

Responsibility for the environment

PistenBully is very conscious of its role as a pioneer. Exceptional vehicles with the cleanest engines help ski resorts to ope- rate sustainably and they consequently also satisfy the demand of holidaymakers for eco-friendly tourism.