The OMEGA V has been used on the Kohlmais cableway in saalbach for the first time. Photos: © DOPPELMAYR/CWA


Omega V- innovative and raedy for future milestones

The OMEGA V is deliberately designed so that future innovations can be integrated easily.


With the OMEGA V, swiss gondola manufacturer CWA presents the next generation of its globally successful bestseller. The new gondola features the unmistakeable OMEGA shape, which blends seamlessly into any surroundings.


It has been redeveloped from scratch and yet its identity remains as a genuine OMEGA. Its design is well thought out down to the smallest detail and perfectly tailored to the DOPPELMAYR D-Line. In the development of the OMEGA V, the focus was on future passengers.


Their requirements and expectations had a significant impact on the construction and design of the gondola. The needs of cable car operators were also taken into account. In the OMEGA V they gain a gondola with a consistent, modular design.



The modularity and low tare weight leave scope for options with which the gondola can be adapted time and again to the respective circumstances at the time of purchase and even subsequently.


The continuous acoustic roof lining equally serves as a low-vibration cover for the installation space, which houses the broadest range of power supply, air conditioning and infotainment options. Quick and maintenance-friendly access to the roof installations is therefore guaranteed.

The corner posts are designed e.g. so that the cables can be moved back easily through the posts or new options can be integrated on the groove that is provided specifically for this.

At the same time, with the OMEGA V, CWA is contributing a new gondola to the complete cable car system, which satisfies the distinguishing features of the DOPPELMAYR D-Line in every respect. It ensures maximum travel comfort – from the balanced shape and easy access to the ergonomic single seat and well-designed ventilation concept.


As a visible connecting element to the cable car system, the hanger has been visually integrated into the gondola roof. With the aim of being able to offer passengers the maximum view, key fitting elements of the gondola have been redeveloped. Here, the buffers have been integrated into the housing structure and the seats, backrest and handrail have been designed to ensure the greatest possible field of vision.


The well designed ventilation with fresh air supply and the sound-absorbing roof lining in the OMEGA V provide a pleasant interior climate and comfort (see pictures above). Furthermore, a special lighting con- cept has been developed for evening trips.


The OMEGA style icon has been produced over 50,000 times since 1983 and is therefore the world’s bestselling circulating track gondola. even in the fifth ge neration, its timeless design language and optimal shape for cable car technology are captivating.


With the relevant selection of options in winter or summer operation, the OMEGA V can be used for trips to sights of interest and for urban local public transport. Its durability and its modularity, which also allows future innovations, make the OMEGA V a safe and sensible investment in the future. tm

The continuous acoustic roof lining serves equaly as a low-vibration cover for the installation space, which houses the broadest range of power supply, air conditioning and infotainment options.