At INTERALPIN, IMMOOS provides information about the app Mayday Max. Photos: IMMOOS


Presents alarm & communication app at Interalpin

At INTERALPIN, IMMOOS presents the new “Mayday- Max” digital crisis manager. This should help ski resorts to make the right decisions in difficult situations and crises as well as to alert, inform and communicate professionally and automatically.


In an emergency, for example such as a cable car evacuation, seconds may be critical. It is often difficult to keep a cool head and make the right decisions in these stressful situations. There is often not enough time to read a detailed rescue plan or recovery concept and it is difficult to gain the right information from these documents under time pressure.


It is in the nature of a technical manager to want to get the system going again as quickly as possible and thus to transport passengers to the station in the usual way. however, time is also frequently forgotten here. When the decision that a rescue needs to be initia- ted is then made, a great deal of valuable time has often already elapsed.

Thanks to the Mayday Max app, those people responsible can concentrate fully on the evacuation.

With MaydayMax, IMMOOS now presents a digital crisis manager at Interalpin, which can help cable car companies in difficult situations and crises, even outside evacuation, with automated and professional alarm handling. With MaydayMax the staff, management, customers or any other group of people can be alerted, informed and mobilised through individual, targeted communication on any desired communication channels.


Any desired alarm scenarios can be defined in advance on the MaydayMax web portal and triggered in case of alarm. The alarms are activated by the separate mobile app, by sending a text message or e- mail, by the MaydayMax portal or fully au- tomatically by other alarm devices such as sensors, buttons, alarm software etc.


As a NeW feature, MaydayMax now also supports LorA (low-power, wide-range). With this, alarms can be triggered re-gardless of the current mobile phone network. With MaydayMax, you always have the alarm situation in hand and can monitor ongoing tasks, locate the crisis team on the map and communicate with them directly via the integrated chat function.



An integrated conference function allows immediate voice communication between everyone who is involved with the alarm. Moreover, all measures and actions are stored and archived in detail in a log file, so that the incident can be subsequently reconstructed and analysed or made available to third parties (police, insurance). MaydayMax is a cloud solution and ready for use within only a few minutes. No software installation is required.

Functions of MaydayMax at a glance

• sending individual alarm e-mails, text messages and push notifications to any desired number of people and groups

• Displaying alarm messages on the website

• Displaying and sending alarm messages on your social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

• Automatic telephone calls with individual, spoken alarm messages

• Allocation and control of tasks to alarm participants (incl. geolocation)

• Group chat for alarm participants (incl. image function)

• Ad hoc telephone conference between alarm participants

• recording and archiving alarm cases

• easy integration of existing alarm systems via interfaces (alarm transmitters and alarm receivers)

• easy integration of IoT (internet of things), such as sirens, switches, locks etc.

• Integrated LorA radio standard

• Web-based, ready for use within minutes, no local installa- tion necessary, mobile app available in the app store

• security thanks to redundant server in the cloud

• Various attractive pricing models on a monthly basis