The multifunctional warning and alarming system detects decisively within one second whether there is a natural disaster or a warning is unnecessary. This rapid response time provides the necessary head start at the crucial moment. Photos: IBTP

IBTP Kosuch

Safely detected

The Pulse Doppler radar provides reliable warning in the case of natural disasters such as avalanches, mudslides and rockfalls.


The snow situation in January this year once again clearly highlighted the natural force of snow. Cars were buried under mountains of snow and the highest avalanche warning level was issued in large parts of Austria. In order to secure pistes, controlled avalanche explosions had to be carried out and the most vulnerable slopes were under constant ob- servation.


One product that was designed for precisely such emergencies and distinguished itself in the exceptional situation in January was the avalanche radar from IBTP. The detection system is able to detect speeds from one to 300 kilometres per hour. Owing to the low energy demand (around 40 Watts), it can also be operated by solar power.

Pulse Doppler radar

The innovative system from the Austrian company is a so-called pulse Doppler radar. The use of this technology brings se- veral advantages at once for the custom er: with the multi-target function, diffe- rent distances and speeds can be meas- ured and evaluated simultaneously. In particular, the IBTP KosChUCh radar technology is able to measure moving hazards even during heavy rainfalls, which would be impos- sible with other radar system such as FMCW-radar for example.


An intelligent algorythm recognises the rain signal and filter it out. Therefore, onle the signal from the hazard goes trough the alarm detection and it triggers warning and alarming sytems (traffic lights, horns, SMS, email etc.). Consequently, the clarity remains high even in adverse weather conditions.


This is why the radar from the Austrian manufacturer is also trusted internationally. It could be tuned to any country specific free frequencies and the product, which weighs only a few kilograms, is therefore ready to use worldwide at any time.

Günther Zangerl

Managing Director of silvretta mountain railways

“Last autumn, we needed a warning system to protect a construction site access in an area at risk of rockfalls. The IBTP avalanche warning system used by the community was converted and adapted for this.


A siren and traffic lights provided a visual and audible warning to the traffic in case of danger. The system worked very reliably and was genuinely triggered only when the specified limit ranges were exceeded. over the entire period, it was possible to rely on the warnings displayed, so we are very pleased with the device.”

Disaster protection mobile or stationary

The pulse Doppler radar is able not only to detect avalanches; the IBTP radar can also beThe pulse Doppler radar is able not only to detect avalanches; the IBTP radar can also be used in case of rockfalls and mudslides.


Customers of the radar manufacturer value not only the versatility but also the adaptation options. As such, a device can be upgraded in just a few steps, so that it can warn of the aforementioned disasters in particular – for example such as the multi-warning system, which ensures safe progress on pistes and roads in Ischgl. With the products, there is a choice between two different systems. on the one hand, a stationary model is best suited to monitoring a vulnerable location.


In the case of danger zones that vary seasonally, a mobile radar system can also be used. The device itself is modular in both variants, which means that it can be adapted to the individual customer requirements.


Whereas other warning systems (optical or acoustic) needs special conditions, the radar works in any sight and weather situations.


The system weighs only a few kilograms and can be used either mobile or stationary.


With the avalanche radar, it is possible to monitor vulnerable locations easily and reliably at any time, where there are natural dangers such as the risk of avalanches, mudslides and rockfalls.

Application areas

The applications of the radar developed by IBTP are as diverse as the functions. The avalanche radar is frequently used not only as a timely warning system of natural falls but subsequently also to verify artificial triggered avalanches by blasting. Whereas it was previously possible to work in this area only in daylight, the radar allows a reliable statement of a successfully completed explosion even in total darkness.


With the integration of further measuring systems, the water level can also be measured, which offers a significant advantage especially in the case of mudslides. tm