He core team for avalanche release systems (2nd row, from the left): Ceo Michael haniman, Thomas schuler (production), Marco Larghi & Jörg Knobel (both project management) and Daniel broekstra (product manager). Manuel riesterer (front left) & Lukas Pfeiffer are responsible for installation. Photo: sI/surrer


Section avalanche protection reconfigured

INAUEN-SCHÄTTI is investing heavily in the business area of avalanche release systems. The team has been augmented and – with ATMS – an innovative, cloudbased control system has been developed.


For the swiss manufacturer of ava- lanche release systems, the signs are set for growth. INAUEN-SChÄTTI focuses on innovation – both in the staff and in the product. The core team in the business area of avalanche protection therefore now includes six competent employees. Product manager Daniel Broekstra is brand new to the business.


Together with Jürg Knobel and Marco larghi, he will be looking after projects and driving the development of the avalanche release systems. Thomas schuler is responsible for production, servicing and maintenance. Fitters Manuel riesterer and Lukas Pfeiffer provide support for the “man in the field”.

Secure access to the ATMs software – by computer, tablet or smartphone.

The latest coup from the innovative unit: the avalanche trigger management system – ATMS for short. The control programme for avalanche masts and guards is the first cloud-based explosion software from the swiss company. “With it, we are creating a reliable communication basis for the different explosion systems,” Ceo Michael Hanimann explains.


Project manager Daniel broekstra goes into further detail: “the encrypted communication between explosion master and avalanche mast is more difficult to guarantee by radio or app than with a secure cloud. Moreover, we can bring in updates at any time and undertake remote maintenance.” A separate server is set up for each customer. The access is personalised and protected by means of a security code, as in e-banking.

The command and control programme is easy to operate and can be controlled by PC, tab- let and smart devices. “However, it can be accessed only by someone with genuine authorisation to do so,” broekstra emphasises. A simple, clear user interface is then available to registered customers, with which they can control the status of components, power and temperature of the explosive devices, perform detonations and document the result of these.


“Features such as group explosion further facilitate the work,” developer Knobel says. With the cloud, additional elements can be entered subsequently. “When we implement the ideas of one customer, all users benefit,” hanimann highlights the potential of the cloud. standalone solutions are therefore a thing of the past.


“In terms of hardware, the masts do not need much – only a sIM card with 3G or 4G reception,” production specialist schuler adds. Installation of a control centre or addition of a radio frequency is no longer necessary. Analysis and support for the masts and server are possible remotely using the cloud.

Charge types with firing pin ignition

however, it is not only in software that the INAUEN-SChÄTTI team is innovative; the company is also attracting attention when it comes to explosives. At the INTERALPIN trade fair, it will present new charge types with firing pin ignition for the avalanche guard & mast, which make handling of the explosive even easier and safer. ts