The Alpine Coaster from WIEGAND offers safe fun for the whole family. (Forest Flyer Mountain Coaster – Vail ski resort / UsA). Photos: WIEGAND


Thrilling descent

With over 500 installations, WIEGAND is strengthening its leading position on the international summer toboggan run market.


The WIEGAND Alpine Coaster can now look back on a 20-year success story, in the course of which over 260 installations of this type have been sold worldwide. However, the year 1997, when the first railguided track was constructed, was not the beginning of this journey. The foundation was laid much earlier, in 1975, with the construction of the first summer toboggan run in flume form.


Today there are over 240 installations of this type all over the world. In the Alpine Coaster, numerous aspects that have been tried and tested on the flume track are combined with the latest innovative technology and it has therefore become a bestseller, which guarantees year-round income for the operator thanks to its allweather suitability and offers tobogganing guests appealing ride fun with maximum safety.

With the lighting systems fitted, the installation offers not only a spectacular view at night but also a very special ride experience. (Relax Park Pec pod Snežkou / Czech Republic)

With its own speed controls, the ride over meadows, through forests and at dizzying heights becomes an unforgettable experience for tobogganists by day or by night.


The comfortable sleds of the WIEGAND Alpine Coaster offer space for two adults, who strap themselves in before the start of the run.


The belt buckle lock used prevents release of the belt buckle and thus unfastening during the run.


In addition, with automatic locking mode, the ALR belts used guarantee that riders are held firmly in the sled and therefore cannot slip around.


With elevated sections, crossing roads, tracks or ski slopes is no problem. Loop designs, tight corners, jumps and camel backs further enhance the fun and action for to- bogganists – and with a ride feel that is always totally safe.

The WIEGAND Alpine Coaster is compliant with DIN Iso 19202-1-2 / Iso 19202-1-2. (Luge sur rail 4 saisons – Markstein / France).

Take the safe option with WIEGAND!

The bar with respect to the safety and quality of the Alpine Coaster has been raised even higher with the use of magnetic eddy current technology in the “distance control” driver assistance system.


The eddy current technology is complete- ly wear-free and unaffected by weather conditions. The position of the individual sleds on the downhill course is recorded by means of sensors and respectively checked by radio against the preceding and subsequent sleds.


If the spacing falls below the required minimum distance of 25 metres, the sub- sequent vessel is automatically slowed down by the contactless braking system and the speed is restricted in this way un- til the required distance from the pre- ceding vessel is reached again. If the minimum distance is maintained, the system is not activated.


At the same time, the driver assistance system acts as a limiting brake to control the speed of 40 km/h and as a course end brake. For uphill transport, the WIEGAND lift system is recommended, which works fully automatically and brings riders to the top station sitting on their sleds.

Its conveying capacity is around 500 people per hour. ski lifts, chairlifts and gondola lifts are also no problem as uphill solutions. special sometimes fully automated attachment systems are used here. In the station area, the sleds are handled only by electrically operated devices, which make operation significantly easier for the operating personnel.

You cannot buy experience

The highly qualified and experienced staff who look after owners from initial en- quiry to finished project are another very important pillar in the success of WIEGAND – not only in Germany but also worldwide. Production facilities have been in place in China and the USA for a number of years, in order to be able to keep up with the increased demand.

Useful information

• Wherever it is constructed – WIEGAND guarantees acceptance of the installations by the German TÜV.

• Anyone who wants to meet WIEGAND will have the perfect opportunity will be available at INTERALPIN in Innsbruck from 8th to 10th May 2019