Photo: SI/Surrer

2019 Asia pacific snow conference

Workshop offered practical know-how

At the Asia Pacific Snow Conference (ASPC), as part of ALPITEC CHINA, Chinese and European speakers imparted scientific and practical content.


The focus this year was on the topics of indoor skiing, crossover communities, safety and piste preparation. Thomas mur, Managing Director of ALPITeC China, is especially proud of the partici- pation of key companies. As such, bruno Felicetti, Vice Director of the Madonna di Campiglio ski region (Italy), called for al- liances between ski resorts in China whilst Tian moyi from MND spoke about safety solutions.


The presentation of the White book 2018 attracted a particularly high level of interest. In his report, Wu Bin presented the latest figures for the Chinese winter sports industry (see page 50). The talk by Laurent Vanat attracted particular atten- tion, providing an overview of the global ski market. Piste preparation took up a large part of the technical workshop.



Florian Profanter from the Pro Academy emphasised the importance of well- trained snowcat drivers, stefan lux from SNOWSAT promoted fleet management and snow depth measurement. In addition, John Calverley from PRINOTH spoke about sustainable piste preparation and Leifeng sun presented a Chinese snowcat. The ASPC was rounded off with other presentations, such as about ski patrols (Richard Wyne) and cable car recovery (Dana Jordan). ts

ASPC with Wu Bin, Florian Profanter (Pro Academy), Stefan Lux (SNOWSAT) & John Calverley (PRINOTH).

WIEGAND China offers summer and winter attractions for ski resorts; the team comprises David, Lily, Willi and Mark (from the left).

Chinese cable car manufacturer BMHRL with Vice General Manager Wang XU (left) is proud of partner CARVATECH.

This year for the first time BARTHOLET was able to present projects completed in China (from the left): David Wang, Max Dong, Manuela Jäger, Thomas Spiegelberg, Mige Tang and Leon Zhao.

Brooke Vanderkelen Alba (SMI Marketing) with SMI Consultant Jan.

Celebrating the Chinese version of AXESS systems (from the left): Anton Ullmann, sie siang, Yahi Lu, Wei Yin and Yisheng Xu. Photos: SI/surrer

Ski fun without snow can be found, fittingly, at Mr. SNOW, which is doing good business in China and won the ISPO Award 2018.

POMA, PRINOTH & DEMACLENKO are represented by POMA CHINA in the People’s republic (from left): Wang Lei, Fabio Felli & Oliver Genous

TECHNOALPIN is authorised to supply its snow-making facilities for the olympic Games in China in 2022: Michael Mayr (left) & Lue Shengming.

Charly Li demonstrates how the ski service machines from WINTERSTELGER work.

The spectrum of Kässbohrer (from the left): Garry Lue, Stefan Lux (SNOWSAT),  Harald Schmid(Pistenbully), Chris van den Berg, Alex Tang (Melchers) & Florian Profanter (Pro Academy).