AXESS: Getting your ski pass within seconds

Axess AG offers its customers high-class solutions and is constantly developing its products to make everyday life as innovative as possible.


Now the pioneer in ticketing and access solutions offers with the Axess WEBSHOP and the Axess PICK UP BOX 600 a first-class solution for fast and convenient ticket sales.


The ski day is made more comfortable for operators and guests alike. With the latest innovative online solution, AXESS AG ensures stress-free sales via the internet. 

Webshop: Multifunctional use and easy to handle

The Axess WEBSHOP offers online ticketing that can be integrated into any website. This is a “fully responsive” and convenient sales point where guests can easily book tickets and services.


During the sale process of the ski pass you can at the same time reserve a personal locker, ski equipment, the instructor lessons or a table in the restaurant. Many third party providers of a ski resort can be integrated into the webshop and the guest can thus access their services.


Guests who are already customers can reload their AXESS Smart Card in the web shop via the WTP number and have a valid ticket quickly and easily. On arrival at the venue, they will receive their tickets without queuing at the ticket office.


All you need to do is scan the QR code at the Axess PICKUP BOX 600 or the Axess KIOSK 600 and your ticket will be printed out immediately. 



Multiple tickets can be issued simply by scanning the QR code for a group. So families or friends can also start their ski day quickly and relaxed. Especially the PICK UP BOX 600 is very popular with operators and guests.


It is easy to use and an affordable additional product for fast ticket issue. Mountain or ski resort operators benefit from satisfied guests and ticket issue that requires less staff.


The space-saving and solid construction of the PICK UP BOX 600 allows easy installatin and integration on site and reliable operation in all weather conditions.


It is extremely easy to maintain and can be retrofitted with new technical innovations at any time.