Photo: Alturos

Digitalisation of a region:

Andermatt Sedrun sets off for the digital future

Working on the principle “all-in”, Andermatt Sedrun Disentis Marketing AG has opted for the complete digital ecosystem from Alturos Destinations.


Through joint marketing of the skiing, hiking, biking and holiday resort of Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis, the two companies, Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG and Bergbahnen Disentis AG, are expecting a significant improvement in the digital user experience, shorter waiting times at the ticket desk and a further boost to the number of guests and presence in the markets.


For successful implementation of the objectives, Alturos Destinations has been selected as the long-term digitalisation partner.


“Together with Alturos Destinations, we want to digitalise the provisions of the Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis region for guests and skiers, in order to create an even greater incentive to discover the region.


The half-price subscription to winter.plus is an innovative product and has already been very well received since the start of the ski season. On location, the guest should feel directly welcome through personalised communication,” says Pascal Schär, Head of Marketing and Managing Director at Andermatt Sedrun Disentis Marketing AG.

In a further step, Andermatt Sedrun Disentis Marketing AG hopes to provide the guest with the digital holiday wizard JAMES® from Alturos Destinations in the form of a native smartphone app and a progressive web app. Through storytelling, the guest will be introduced to the various provisions of the destination.