Photo: Pitztal

Pitztal & Sölden:

Updates on the planned ski resort merger

Owing to continuing glacier retreat, it has been identified that the actual status of the glacier has changed in a number of subareas, compared with the status at the time when the project was submitted in 2016.


The state of Tyrol is therefore demanding that the promoters provide a detailed representation of the specific effects of the glacier retreat. 


“We want to and will meet these new demands in full. It is of particular concern to us to provide a transparent description of the foreseeable changes as a result of the glacier retreat.


However, the new documents requested demand fundamental discussion of the project details with specialist planners and technical consultants. This requires a further substantiated conceptual approach towards significant parts of our plan. It also necessitates additional site visits in the spring.


Because of this, we have applied to the state of Tyrol for a deferral of the oral proceedings as part of the environmental impact assessment,” Pitztal glacier lift Managing Director Eberhard Schultes and Ötztal glacier lift Managing Director Walter Siegele explain in a joint statement.