Two hydraulic oils – One success

Whether for cable cars or piste equipment: MOTOREX has the right hydraulic oil. With their properties, both ALPINE COREX POLAR and ALPINE MOTION HV 46 meet the increasing demands of the industry. 



Whether for cable cars or piste equipment: MOTOREX has the right hydraulic oil. With their properties, both ALPINE COREX POLAR and ALPINE MOTION HV 46 meet the increasing demands of the industry. 


ALPINE COREX POLAR S 370 has been on the market since 2013 – and proven to be ideal ever since in long-term tests.


With the formula for cable car hydraulics, mountain railways can use one and the same oil for many areas, which simplifies maintenance, servicing and buying. 


ALPINE COREX POLAR S 370 is suitable for the hydraulic systems of cable cars and transport systems of all types. The oil from Swiss manufacturer MOTOREX can be used for service and safety brakes, hydraulic tensioning cylinders or emergency drives, depending on the regulations. 


The hydraulic oil stands out for the fact that it works reliably and safely in extreme cold and can additionally be exposed to great heat. Moreover, the oil displays outstanding water separation capacity and excellent shear stability. With the special formula, it therefore guarantees maximum operational reliability for the entire usage duration.


Standard product at GARAVENTA

All of its advantages make the ALPINE COREX POLAR S 370 an extremely popular lubricant. Cable car manufacturer GARAVENTA also plays a major part in this. Since the beginning, the hydraulic oil from MOTOREX has been standard for new installations; older cable cars have been and will be converted gradually by the operators.

New development for piste vehicles

MOTOREX Product Manager Markus Damm refers to the development of Alpine Motion HV 46 hydraulic oil in 2018 as a generational shift. Here, the Swiss lubricant manufacturer was responding to the increasingly complex hydraulics of piste vehicles, snow blowers and other machines in the Alpine region. 


“Alpine Motion HV 46 combines top-quality base oils with zinc-free additives that guarantee outstanding lubrication performance,” Damm reports. The hydraulic oil can be used in all current mobile and stationary systems. 


“Our product is particularly suitable for hydraulic systems that are frequently exposed to large temperature fluctuations,” Damm states. Furthermore, Alpine Motion HV 46 guarantees wear protection as well as hydrolytic resistance for mobile machines and equipment, such as piste machines, snow blowers, diggers, wheel loaders and other vehicles.

New additive technology

The advantages of the hydraulic oil are based on an innovative additive technology with which MOTOREX has been able to improve many properties of the lubricant.


Alpine Motion HV 46 can therefore be filtered better, which means that the response to control units such as servo and proportional valves is always optimal.


“The above-average air separation capacity and foaming behaviour moreover reduce the effect on cavitation and oxidation to the lowest level,” Damm adds. The lubricant also prevents water pockets: if small amounts of moisture get into the system, these are bound in the oil and can no longer cause damage.


“Not least, Alpine Motion HV 46 is hydrolytically stable as well as being resistant to oxidation and guaranteeing long oil lifetimes,” Damm advertises.



Compatibility tested

With all its properties, Alpine Motion HV 46 can be used in a diverse range of applications. “We have tested the compatibility of the oil with as-new, standard mineral oil based HVLP-D hydraulic oils. Alpine Motion HV 46 can be combined with other lubricants, such as Alpine Granat HV 515, with no problem,” Damm reports. There is therefore no further obstacle to a switch to Alpine Motion HV 46 – a step that many ski resorts have already taken in the last two years. 

SI conclusion

Both ALPINE COREX POLAR S 370 for cable cars and Alpine Motion HV 46 for piste vehicles have the best properties, have been proven and have been able to secure a good place on the market. In short: two hydraulic oils – for smooth operation. ts