Clear cabin windows at the Macau cable car Photos: DURCH-BLICK


A clear view around the world

Whether in Italy, China, Malaysia or South Korea – the company DURCH-BLICK provides a clear view through chair lift covers and cabin windows around the globe – with great results.


Cabin windows and chair lift covers get quickly scratched with skis, ski poles and snowboards, and also damaged and besmeared by vandals. These bad-looking panes can give the passenger a negative opinion about the entire facility, make him feel unsafe and create the impression that the cableway is older than it actually is. In addition, even just one scratch immediately lowers the threshold for vandalism – the first damage usually attracts further damage.


To prevent such bad impressions on passengers, increasingly more ski resorts turn to DURCH-BLICK. This Austrian company sands and polishes panes back to their original high gloss, applies scratch-proof foils on them and trains cableway personnel to become “Durchblickers”. Satisfied customers can be found around the world, starting with the Italian ski resorts of Sexten and Wolkenstein. “We have sanded, polished and sealed the panes of the 106 cabins in Sexten twice already,” reports the managing director Rudolf Koffou.

DURCH-BLICK restored clear views, among other places, also in Genting (Malaysia).

Four to six employees are needed to complete such a job, one person can finish between two and three cabins per day. “Plexiglass* panes should be polished at least once every five years – just like those in Sexten,” says Koffou. For polycarbonate panes which have been used since 2003, the optimal maintenance interval is even shorter. “Polycarbonate gets scratched faster than plexiglass.


Moreover, skis and snowboards are increasingly transported inside the cabins, as the gondolas are large enough. This inevitably leads to faster scratching of the panes,” explains Koffou. In Wolkenstein, the panes of 80 cabins were sanded, polished and covered with a DURCH-BLICK scratch-proof foil after a single season. The foil is harder and more resistant than plexiglass. But if it gets scratched anyway, it can simply be pulled off and replaced with a new one.


The exchange can easily be managed by the cableway personnel previously trained by DURCH-BLICK. Thus, first-time maintenance is carried out by the company but after that, the cableway operator can maintain the panes through its own personnel. Reconditioning work is not limited only to the cabin window panes, it is also done on chair lift covers, so-called “bubbles”. In the course of the last 13 years, DURCH-BLICK renovated more than 3,000 chair lift covers or “bubbles”.

The passengers at the Macau cable car (China), too, can enjoy clear vistas.

Gold coating in Macau

A tailor-made service concept is prepared for each customer. Koffou selects one example from among the company’s numerous reference projects: “In Macau, we are implementing a three-step plan for the local casino cableway.” The company’s team is now training the cableway personnel, then the panes are to be polished, and, finally, protective foils with a special coating will be applied.


“The outer layer will be gold-infused to match the Golden Casinos. In addition, this special foil resists the aggressive water from the fountains and strong UV radiation,” adds the managing director of DURCH-BLICK. In all, a clear view will be renewed in 36 cabins of this Chinese cableway.

Damage from construction in Genting

Panes can be damaged not only by environmental influences but also by construction sites as the example of Genting in Malaysia shows. DURCH-BLICK‘s team has polished and sealed 118 cabins damaged as a result of construction in the area. The result has so pleased the cableway operators that they are now negotiating an annual maintenance contract with DURCH-BLICK.

Licensed partner in South Korea

DURCH-BLICK has also already completed large orders for chair lifts and cabins in Seoul (South Korea) and Beijing (China). To meet the high demand from the South Koreans, DURCH-BLICK has engaged a licensed partner on site. This company has sanded, polished and sealed 100 cabins in the 2018 Winter Olympics area. The customers were so satisfied that they have already placed a number of follow-up orders. Summary: DURCH-BLICK delivers clear views around the globe – perhaps even in your ski resort sometime soon?