18 students spent an entire semester examining the cableway industry-specialized media as part of their marketing studies at the University of Innsbruck. Photo: SI/Surrer

SI magazine as No.1 for decision-makers

A study confirms our leading position!

A reader survey, interviews with advertisers, a web analysis: the University of Innsbruck has taken a closer look at trade media from the cableway industry – delivering great results for SI Magazin.


With six German-language offerings, there is certainly no shortage of specialized media in the cableway industry. This is why the University of Innsbruck decided to take a closer look at these trade magazines – with highly gratifying results for SI – Seilbahnen International. As announced by the University’s Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, our magazine scored in not one, but several areas of this broad-based research project.


Led by university professor Oliver Koll, a team of 18 students conducted multiple investigations as part of their semester project, including a reader survey, interviews with advertisers and competitor analyses. In addition, these management and economics students examined also trade magazines’ print and online offerings. We will present detailed findings of the study in our next issues. But for now, here is at least a brief overview of the results which confirm our leading position.

Excellent haptics & simple navigation

According to the competitor analysis, SI’s design and presentation cause the magazine to stand out positively from its competitors. Both quantitative and qualitative analysis showed that SI – Seilbahnen International impressed with its modern design, clear arrangement, simple navigation and excellent haptics.

90 percent of readers are content

The reader survey, too, rendered very positive results. 90 percent of the readers are happy with SI Magazine, nine out of ten subscribers would further recommend it. And what is especially interesting: 39 percent of the readers make investment decisions on the basis of SI – Seilbahnen International. This secures the magazine a top position among all the trade media assessed.

Advertisers praise good services

The feedback from our advertisers is most encouraging as well. During qualitative interviews, companies confirmed the high quality of both the magazine’s contents and ads, as well as the fact that the magazine provides a great opportunity for increasing their name recognition and their market profile. Cooperation with our team, in particular, was described as friendly, straightforward and close.

A website with more than 20,000 visits

But SI – Seilbahnen International does not score only as a print magazine. A web analysis shows that more than 20,000 users have read the contents of the magazine at simagazin.com since its relaunch. A long website visit duration, exceeding 1.5 minutes, was recorded especially in relation to the videos – a peak value compared to other competitors’ websites.

Up-to-date and neat

SI Magazine need not shy away from comparisons with trade media from other industries either. As a Best Practice Analysis showed, SI – Seilbahnen International with its seven issues per year is a relatively frequent publication – guaranteeing that its reports are always up-to-date. In addition, the mix of photos, texts and ads contained in SI Magazine is well-balanced which gives the magazine a well-organized and neat appearance. ts