Continous snow-making at its best

Better utilization of available capacities, preservation of resources and improved effi-ciency. These are the aims of successful snow management. With ATASS plus TechnoAlpin enables to achieve goals and launch snow-making systems as fast as possible.


A flawlessly fine-tuned snow-making facility is the key to perfect utilization of resources. TechnoAlpin support of ski regions is already important during the planning of a snow-making facility as only a properly dimensioned facility can ensure ideal utilization of the available resources. Only precise coordination of the individual parts of a snowmaking facility can ensure the swift opening of the winter season.


This involves not only the right number and type of snow guns but also correct dimensioning of the relevant pump station. To use the full potential of a snow-making facility, TechnoAlpin’s offers a control system, ATASSplus. This software provides for fully-automated management of the facility and ensures efficient production of the highest-quality snow. It backs the entire snow-making process, clearly displaying complex data and enabling comprehensive management of snow- making facilities.

“A huge milestone in terms of snow quality”

The ski region Engelberg Titlis in central Switzerland modernized its snow-making system in 2014. Until then, manual snow guns were used. Thanks to the modernization, the entire snow-making process is now fully automatic. With its ultramodern snow guns from TechnoAlpin and the control system ATASSplus, the ski region is now able to secure optimal snow coverage every single minute.


“With a manually operated facility, it is simply impossible to guarantee optimal snow coverage at all times. Automatic management of the facility through ATASSplus allows us to produce a large quantity of snow in the shortest possible time,” says Joe Inderbitzin, Snow Manager of the ski region Engelberg Titlis.


The temperatures on the ski slope which is most important for the opening of descent are usually marginal. Hardly any natural snow falls here. “Switching to TechnoAlpin snow guns was a huge milestone for us in terms of snow quality. Thanks to them, the quality of snow has improved substantially.

Josef Inderbitzin

Snow Manager in Engelberg Titlis

„The cooperation with TechnoAlpin is very pleasant. I really appreciate the cooperation. Be it the planning, realization of projects and above all the customer-oriented service of the service technicians. The advantage of this snowmaking system is that I can always snow in the optimum. Especially in border temperatures. Thus, we need less time to blaze and thanks to this system, I can save staff. Yes, I would recommend TechnoAlpin“

In addition to improving the quality of snow at marginal temperatures, ATASSplus snow management also helps us to economize: Thanks to the integration of SnowSat snow pack measuring in the control system, we now always produce enough snow but never too much,” explains Inderbitzin. More snow needs to be produced for the higher-altitude sections of the ski region’s slopes.


Lower-lying sections along the descent to the valley, on the other hand, require less snow thanks to their grade. With snow pack measuring, less water is needed to produce snow which helps the ski slope team to reduce production costs effectively. “Thanks to clear data on snow production, optimized thanks to snow pack measuring with SnowSat and automatization through ATASSplus, we have achieved not only personnel cut-backs but also electricity and water consumption reduction.


Thanks to this snow management, we are now able to cut the time needed for proper snow coverage by several days or even weeks,” believes Inderbitzin. Snow management with ATASSplus allows ski regions to set their snow-making targets for the relevant season and to evaluate and compare them with past seasons. The data provide a perfect basis for economic decisions for future seasons and ensure economic success of the ski region.