Mountain planning

Durau Park-a masterplan for summer & winter

From building designs to cableway plans and a complete marketing concept: the engineering company MOUNTA IN PLANNING has prepared a comprehensive masterplan for summer and winter for a Romanian destination – Durau Park.


Ceahlau National Park in northeast Romania is experiencing an enormous appreciation. Based on a masterplan prepared by the engineering company MOUNTAIN PLANNING, this formerly neglected mountain destination is being developed into an all-year-round attraction, Durau Park. The services provided by the Austrian planners are extremely comprehensive and diverse: “We are planning not only ski slopes, cableways and buildings in Durau but also designing an attractive concept for summer and winter,” comments Armand Windisch, Managing Director of MOUNTAIN PLANNING.


But that is not all. The masterplan also includes marketing concepts all the way to a logo and a budget for the planned investments and their operation: “We have been working on the masterplan for about a year, along with continuous provision of consultancy services.”

Two ropeways, three ski slopes

Under the masterplan, individual phases stretch over a period of four years. In the first stage, two 400-meter-long ski tows, one 200-meter-long platter lift and one 100-meter-long conveyor will be built, replacing a single outdated tow lift this year. These new installations will be constructed directly by MOUNTAIN PLANNING and open up three 400-meter-long ski slopes. “At the same time, an old hotel will be converted to a children’s hotel in Armand Windisch (left) is handing a situation plan to George Chiriac, Managing Director of Durau Park.


Fotos: Mountain Planning. accordance with our plan,” explains Windisch. One needs all the constituent parts to fit together before a place can be called a family destination. This is why massive investment in infrastructure will be made in the second stage. “We will build a combined gondola/chair lift installation. While both carriers will operate during the winter, only the cabins will run during the summer,” says Windisch.


The building of the 2.033-meter-long cableway’s valley station will house a resrestaurant, a ski rental shop and a ski school; the mountain station, a panorama restaurant.

Armand Windisch (left) is handing a situation plan to George Chiriac, Managing Director of Durau Park. Fotos: Mountain Planning.

The manufacturer of the cableway with a transport capacity of 800 and 1,800 persons per hour respectively has not been selected yet. Who has been selected, however, is the Austrian company AXESS which will supply the access system. In addition to all that, expansion and modernization of the snow-making facility, including a reservoir, for winter operation is also planned.


Apart from ski and snowboard slopes, the winter offering of Durau Park will also include sledge courses and winter tubing. “Finally, in the third stage of the project, we will build a 2.100-meter-long reversible aerial tramway to the mountain Cabana Docha,” adds Windisch.


The tramway will start near the mountain station of the combined gondola/chair lift ropeway and give access to a restaurant at the top of this 1,750-meter-high peak. “Both in winter and in summer, the cableway, with a transport capacity of 500 persons per hour, will only be available for walkers,” emphasizes the planner.

The mountain station of the combined ropeway will house a large panorama restaurant.

Bike park, tubing, summer toboggan

The summer offering will also include a number of attractions, all to be built during the second stage of the development. “A summer toboggan from the firm BRANDAUER, which can be dismantled for the winter, will be the centerpiece of the summer park,” continues Windisch. Furthermore, a bike park with a 2.3-kilometer- long downhill route and a tubing slide will be built.


Attractions such as playgrounds and fair ground rides round off the summer offering. Last but not least, MOUNTAIN PLANNING is also designing biking and hiking paths to the highlights of the national park, including the lake Izvorul Muntelui and the waterfall Duruitoarea.

Projects around the world

The masterplan not only gives the operators of Durau Park a mountain destination which has been properly planned from the beginning, but also saves them money. “The price of our services comes out very reasonable, as we spare the operators the cost of expensive mistakes from the very beginning, submit reliable sales and income strategies, and prepare smart infrastructure plans,” explains Windisch.


Only a few companies in the world can provide such comprehensive consultancy services as we at MOUNTAIN PLANNING: “My team of engineers, architects and marketing experts can satisfy the backlog demand of inexperienced operators of mountain destinations in a competent and professional manner,” offers the Managing Director.


His assessment is confirmed by multiple customers from around the world, including also the ski region Shewegesh in Russia and the resort Disco Island in Greenland. MOUNTAIN PLANNING also provides its services to customers in Estonia, Chile, Argentina and Turkey. “We are also currently negotiating masterplans with partners from China and Iran,” says Windisch, closing the overview of the company’s projects. ts

The mountain station (left) and the valley station with ski rental and restaurant were planned with materials that the operator produces himself.