Welcome at the Ski Build Expo 2018. Pictures: SI/Mair

Moscow Exhibition

Fresh wind on the russian market

After the insecurity of the last few years, the Russian market is stabilizing and potential customers are attracted to Moscow once again


Ski Build Expo established itself on the Russian market over the years as a trade fair for design, construction and management for ski resorts. It was not always easy on the constantly volatile Russian market but the organizers and exhibitors always stood firm behind the event. This year a new step was taken and the exhibition’s date was brought forward to make attendance easier for business people from the winter industry.


Another reason why the participants at Ski Build Expo 2018 really wanted something to change was that, compared to other industry trade fairs, such as the much acclaimed Interalpin, the event was attended by very few visitors. Winter tourism needs to be promoted in the country and everybody knows that investment is necessary to do that. The exhibition, held in the Russian capital, provides a perfect setting and enables its participants to meet the right kind of people and engage in exciting discussions with professionals from across the industry.

Innovation und Tradition

Companies active worldwide, such as DOPPELMAYR and BARTHOLET, have been coming to Ski Build Expo for many years to meet their long-standing customers and stay close to the latest Russian developments. Current projects, such as the capital’s urban gondola project or the Cable Liner, illustrate the local drive for a change.


But technical know-how is not the only way to score at the exhibition; personality works too. With its focus on introducing the individuals behind the company’s name, Russia’s PISTENBULLY team recognizes this. Brimming with innovative ideas and an open nature, this young team perfectly fits with Russia’s current spirit of the times.

Svetlana Melmer is a regular participant at Ski Build Expo.

Johannes Michelotti (right) from Prinoth and Maxim Lavrenov (left) from Rosa Khutor attend the exhibition mainly to engage in interesting discussions.

Alexei Ivanov (WinterShapePro), Anna Fried (assistant to PrimePride General Director), Sergei Orlov (PrimePride General Director), Svetlana Simonova (PrimePride spare parts), Leo Goldenzweig (PrimePride marketing leader), Evgeniya Brus (“Reform” sales) and Evgeniya Sedykh (PistenBully sales) shared the same exhibition stand.

Nadezhda Vorontsova, Alexander Ikonnikov and Dmitry Saveliev from AXESS are showing visitors the new way to the Resort Management.

Anna Grendal and Alexander Sergienko represented BARTHOLET at the exhibition in Moscow.

DOPPELMAYR with its motivated and international team had a very strong presence at the exhibition (from left Volman Ekaterina, Tonkih Igor, Tonkih Svetlana, Vasyukov Ilya, Kazakov Evgeny, Grigorieva Irina, Sinelnikov Maxim, Maslakova Elena, Pavlov Anton, Mrinskaya Victoria).

Sergei Ragosin, Ramin Amirbayov, Nataliya Schmunk, Benjamin Pötz, Dimitrije Lazarenko represented the worldwide-active company TECHNOALPIN.

Herman Thaler was also present at the exhibition in Moscow this year. He was supported by Maria Danilova.