Globally present through partners

The company IMMOOS has already made a name for itself as a specialist in the field of rescue systems, personal safety equipment and climbing protection systems around the world. To stay close to its customers, it cooperates with a number of partner companies supporting its sales network.


With its professional expertise and more than 20 years’ experience in the field of cableway rescue technology, IMMOOS is a well-qualified partner for rescue and safety systems. Its products and services offer a high-level of confidence and safety; its rescue carriage SS1, in particular, has made a lasting revolutionary impact on cableway rescue. But the climbing protection system FALLBLOC developed by the company is also used by cableways around the world. With its innovative product development, IMMOOS has set new standards.


Its high-quality products are the result of the company’s many years’ experience, as well as its sound expertise and adherence to international standards. IMMOOS’s clientele currently includes cableway manufacturers and operators from more than 30 countries. To be able to maintain its high-quality services for all its customers, IMMOOS has engaged several partners located in various geographies to maintain the company’s sales network.

Thanks to the partnership with SKYLOTEC, IMMOOS’s sales network in Scandinavia is supported by the branches of Skylotec Nordic and its network in Australia by Skylotec Australia Ltd from St. Clair. In Canada, Rigging Specialties from Canmore is just such a competent partner. In Norway, AAK Safety acts as IMMOOS’s sales partner, and in Asia, its business partners are Challengekorea from Seoul and the Nippon Cable Company from Tokyo.


Another authorized professional partner is Andreas Hohenberger from the company HPS in Dubai specializing in leisure & amusement facilities. Thanks to these business partnerships, IMMOOS can offer its customers the best possible customer services. With their professional competence, strong products, all-inclusive concepts and personal contacts, the company and its partners deliver comprehensive safety and confidence.