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Ski build Expo 2018

Innovation from Russia

Russian start-ups and established companies present more than just new product developments at the trade exhibition


At Ski Build Expo 2018 a participant meets not only big international enterprises but also Russian start-ups and long-standing industry experts. Companies such as Prime Snowboards, which produces hand-made snowboards, or Skisoft, producer of access systems, which still do not have a presence in large parts of Europe. These are but two names from among numerous Russian firms who want to conquer the markets on the other side of the country’s borders.


Innovation or unconventional thinking is also what drives a duo who set up the company Implementation of Alternative Solutions. These motivated entrepreneurs are looking to win attention with a new approach in the field of cableway technology, promising to implement as many as 52 new solution methods in their product. And there are many more Russian entrepreneurs who can be encountered at the exhibition. It is becoming quite clear that a change in thinking is taking place in the minds of the local businessmen.

While Russians have considered the alpine regions a popular travel destination for many years, it is now starting to look like they are also ready to establish their commercial presence on the European market. The younger entrepreneurs attending the exhibition in particular are driven to also prove themselves internationally and to demonstrate, through their professional know-how, what the experts of the world’s largest country have to offer. Their main regions of interest are the nearby Asian countries and also the winter sports giants from the alpine region.

Anastasia Velitschko, Juri Rudchik (founder) and Sergej Baschkatov (Sales Department Leader) from Prime Snowboards are ready for the European market.

The Russian access system manufacturer was successfully represented at the exhibition by (from left) Alexey Rechkin, Alexander Komarov and Roman Shirokov

The visitors showed great interest in the SI Urban Magazine.

(From left:) Alexander Osmachkin and Alexander Filippov founded the company Implementation of Alternative Solutions two years ago.

Smolyar Maxis represents DEMCACLENKO on the Ski Build Expo Russia.

Alexandra Berg represented in Moscow the company TAUS.

Anton Tumasov and Mikhail Yudanov answered visitors’ questions at the MND stand.

Visitors had the opportunity to discuss the latest industry trends with the exhibiting companies at the stands.