Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG :

Modern, attractive-simply great!

And staged right! – Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein has two new and exciting attractions to offer since last summer.


On July 28, the “Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein”, an amusement complex, was launched in Franconian Switzerland (or Little Switzerland) in Bavaria with a solemn ceremony. This event was preceded with many months of hard work on the part of the planners and engineers of amusement facilities manufacturer WIEGAND.

The complex’s diverse offer ranges from a racy Alpine Coaster downhill ride to the classics. With such a wide selection, everybody is sure to find something exciting for himself.

New features in a nutshell

As part of the re-design of the complex, entrances to the existing traditional hollow- shaped Sommerrodelbahn, or summer toboggan run, and the all-weather railway rollercoaster course “Alpine Coaster” were transferred from the valley to the mountain. Two new garage buildings had to be built to implement this change. In addition, a speed control was also built in to further improve passenger safety.


It is an eddy current brake system which ensures a fixed slide speed along the entire course also when the track is wet. The system is also used as a track end brake to slow down the sledge to a walking pace in the exit area. The use of this eddy current brake guarantees maximum possible safety – tobogganing on WIEGAND tracks has never been safer.


But even with the latest safety systems, toboggan- riders must remember they are still bound by the same obligation as ever – to always ride considerately and watchfully.

Perfectly staged

The new 360-meter-long witches’ broom is equipped with modern twin-seater gondolas in which passengers sit next to each other facing forward. The gondolas, which are free-hanging and swinging, roll underneath the twin-tube track system pulled by their own weight to the lowest point and then they are pulled up again to the next point of descent by an accelerator.


Additional course brakes have been installed in steep sections of the slope. Trackside oscillations of up to 58 degrees can be reached during the flight on the witches’ broom over jumps and through bends. Such witches’ broom can be built both on a level ground and in hillside locations and it is perfectly suited to be built above other leisure facilities – even in Pottenstein it crosses above the Frankenrodel toboggan several times.


An area of merely 50 x 70 meters is needed to build such an installation. Other than the TwinSeater, there are also other models of gondolas available, traditional as well as themed. Passengers sit facing opposite each other in these types of carriages.

All attractions have been carefully designed and successfully implemented thanks to the hard work of WIEGAND’s planning, construction and assembly teams.

Experience for adventurers

The so-called “Höhenerlebnis” (height adventure) is another attraction at the Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein. Consisting of rope bridges, a jungle gym and a slide, planned and built by WIEGAND as a dry slide, it gives joy to children but poses a fun challenge also to those who remain young at heart. “Höhenerlebnis” combines gastronomy with the impressive and from-a-distance-visible “Skywalk” - a 130-meter-long outlook bridge with a semi-transparent floor.


Those brave enough to withstand the look into the abyss when crossing the bridge are rewarded with a marvelous view of lake Schöngrundsee, a natural open-air bath Felsenbad and castle Pottenstein at the end of the walk from a height of 45 meters. To complement the new attractions, a new central point has emerged here, too – a stylish getaway restaurant.


Its more than 80 indoor seats invite visitors to linger and enjoy. Thanks to mobile glass fronts, the indoor area can easily be connected with a spacious terrace.

This enables flexible adjustment of the guest premises in accordance with the wishes of the guests and momentary circumstances. In addition, the restaurant also offers a cozy roof terrace for relaxation. A stair tower, designed and built directly in Rasdorf, connects the restaurant with the “Höhenerlebnis”. It has an integrated elevator which provides disabled access to all the attractions on the “second floor”. These new attractions from WIEGAND have further expanded the leisure-time offer in Franconian Switzerland with new tourist highlights for young and old alike.