The lubricant manufacturer MOTOREX promotes the new hydraulic oil Alpine Motion HV 46 with new subjects. Photos: MOTOREX


New hydraulic oil Alpine Motion HV 46

Ski-slope vehicles’ hydraulic systems are becoming increasingly more complex; the requirements placed on hydraulic oils increasingly more demanding. This is why MOTOREX has developed the lubricant ALPINE MOT ION HV 46.


Markus Damm, MOTOREX Product Manager, describes the development of the new hydraulic oil Alpine Motion HV 46 as a “change of generation”. This new product is the Swiss lubricant manufacturer’s response to the growing complexity of the hydraulic systems of ski-slope vehicles, snow blowers and other machines used in the alpine locations. “Alpine Motion HV 46 combines firstclass base oils with the newest zinc-free additives to guarantee outstanding performance,” says Damm.


Like its predecessor product, Alpine Granat HV 515, the new hydraulic oil, too, can be used for all common mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. “Our new product is especially well-suited for hydraulic systems that are frequently exposed to high temperature fluctuations,” explains Damm. In addition, Alpine Motion HV 46 ensures excellent wear and hydrolytic resistance for mobile machnes and devices, such as ski-slope machines and snow throwers – as well as for excavators, wheel loaders and other vehicles.

New additive technology

The benefits of the new hydraulic oil are based on an innovative additive technology through which MOTOREX was able to improve a number of properties. For example, Alpine Motion HV 46 has an improved filterability providing for an optimal solution for control units such as servo valves and proportional valves. “And what’s more: its above-average air release capacity and foaming behavior reduces cavitation and oxidation to a minimum level,” adds Damm.


The new lubricant also prevents water pockets: if only a little bit of moisture penetrates the system, the moisture binds with the oil and cannot cause any damage. “And last but not least, Alpine Motion HV 46 is hydrolytically stable and oxidation-resistant and guarantees long intervals between applications,” emphasizes Damm. This slow-aging hydraulic oil thus takes good advantage of the machines’ maintenance intervals – and with a minimal risk of corrosion.


“The aim of our three years’ efforts developing Alpine Motion HV 46 was clear: to make a lubricant capable of meeting the increasingly demanding standards of the next generation of hydraulic systems and to allow for a long component service life. In this, we have succeeded,” says a satisfied Damm.

Compatibility successfully tested

With its many properties, Alpine Motion HV 46 can be used in wide-ranging fields of application. “We have examined the oil for its compatibility with new (or equivalent to new) standard mineral-oil-based HVLP-D hydraulic oils. Alpine Motion HV 46 can be combined with other lubricants, such as Alpine Granat HV 515, without any problem,” reports Damm. So there is nothing that stands in the way of switching to Alpine Motion HV 46. ts