Titletown’s tubing hill offers a lot of fun! Photos: Titletown

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Pistenbully & Snowast

PistenBully and SNOWsat keep the snow level at Titletown.


Situated in Green Bay, Wisconsin near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan (USA) is Titletown, the area’s newest year-round attraction. Developed by the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, Titletown sits on land adjacent to the Packers’ venerable stadium, Lambeau Field. Since opening in 2017, Titletown has proved itself to be a unique destination area beyond just the football season.


Its stretch of public park space offers a wide variety of cultural activities and provides gathering spaces for community members and visitors of all ages to enjoy no matter the season. Titletown includes dining, arts and crafts, game courts, playgrounds, farmers markets and festivals. Fitness programs, game day events and holiday celebrations are also part of the equation.

Special operation for the PistenBully: Ariens Hill

One of the key attractions for Titletown in the winter is Ariens Hill tubing hill. Aimed at encouraging families to enjoy outdoor activities during the colder months, Title town built this structure specifically for tubing. The tubing portion is 100 meters in length including the runout. An automated return carries tubes back to the top of the hill. To groom the tubing lanes Titletown, purchased a PistenBully 100 4F equipped with SNOWsat snow depth measurement.


PistenBully for unique applications Titletown’s tubing hill presents unique challenges. A snowmaking system has been installed to ensure snow coverage regardless of Mother Nature’s cooperation. The engineers had to calculate for this snow load. At a height of 14 meters, the Ariens Hill building is substantially reinforced in order to support the weight of the snow on the tubing lanes as well as the PistenBully when grooming.


Maintaining an exact snow depth on the tubing deck is therefore critical. To enable this the Pisten Bully 100 is equipped with SNOWsat snow depth measurement. The operator is able to monitor the screen display and use the front all-way blade to set the snow level. Core samples are taken daily by the Titletown crew to calculate snow weight.

Precise grooming required

Grooming the Ariens Hill requires a skillful operator. The tubing structure has walls on each side and small turnaround area at the top. It is detailed work in a confined space. “Overcoming the unique challenges of operating the PistenBully on Ariens Hill is made easier with the help of SNOWsat” comments Kyle Nooker, Titletown Facilities Manager. “Inside of Ariens Hill are both a restaurant and an event space, occupied by the public. Engineers have determined the appropriate snow load on all areas of the hill and it is important for us to monitor snow depth.”


Mr. Nooker further explains: “It is also important that the PistenBully blade does not cause damage to the exterior of the structure. With SNOWsat, we are able to easily and efficiently monitor snow depth to ensure safe operation.”

Kyle Nooker, Titletown Facilities Manager.

Representatives from Titletown are very pleased with the performance of the PistenBully 100 and SNOWsat. Plans are in the works to further utilize both in future applications. Kässbohrer is proud to be a part of Titletown. Organizations that advance outdoor winter activities fit with our BlueIQ corporate philosophy of partnerships and the promotion of winter sports. The importance of getting the family, especially young children, outdoors in winter cannot be underestimated.