The new OMEGA V cabin not only meets current requirements but it has also been developed in a way allowing for its easy adjustments to future developments. Photo: CWA


Presents the new Omega generation

OMEGA V is the result of systematic further development. It continues the success story of its predecessor models.


With OMEGA V, the cabin manufacturer CWA presents the new generation of its world-wide bestsellers. During its development, the Swiss experts took care to remain faithful to the distinctive OMEGA design which smoothly blends in with every surroundings. Although the cabin was thoroughly re-designed during the three-year development process, it still remains a true OMEGA. “OMEGA V perfectly fits in with the design of DOPPELMAYR’s D-line.


It meets the requirements and characteristics of the new cable car generation without compromise,” says with pride Thomas Pichler, CEO of DOPPELMAYR. The fifth generation of this icon/star among cabins thus not only offers a number of technical innovations but also ensures a uniform appearance between the D-line and the cabin itself.

A specially developed seat form contributes to a perfect travelling experience. Photo: SI/Mair


In developing OMEGA V, the experts focused on the passengers. The construction and design of the cabin was, to a large extent, influenced by passengers’ demands and expectations but the needs of cable car operators were incorporated as well, resulting in a cabin with a consistently modular design implemented as a durable aluminum light-weight construction. Its modularity and low ownweight leave room for further adjustments which can be carried out prior to sale, as well as any time later as required by circumstances.

From left: Christoph Grob (Head of CWA Sales/ Marketing), Raimund Baumgartner (CWA’s CEO), Gian Marinelli (CWA’s Product Manager) and Thomas Pichler (DOPPELMAYR’s CEO) proudly demonstrated the latest OMEGA generation during a product presentation. Photo: SI/Mair

D-Line and OMEGA V

In OMEGA V, CWA has developed a cabin which compliments the features of DOPPEL MAYR ’s D-line in all respects. It guarantees the highest travelling comfort – from its balanced shape and easy entrance to the ergonomic, single seats and a well thought-through ventilation system. The suspension gear, as a visible element connecting the cabin to the cableway, has been optically integrated into the cabin’s roof with a double Y element.


The passenger steps into the cabin through a wider (900-mm instead of the usual 820 mm) unobstructed entrance. As an alternative, OMEGA V can also be equipped with an electromechanical door which offers new possibilities, in particular in terms of electronic surveillance, reversion and preventive maintenance. Basic equipment items have been redeveloped to allow for the maximum possible view from the cabin.


In the course of this process, buffers were integrated into the base structure and the seats, backrests and handrails constructed in a way that leaves the maximum possible field of view.

Numbers, data and facts about CWA

• CWA was founded in 1939.

• In1983, the OMEGA cabine was launched on the market.

• As of 1 October 2018, 146 employees work for the Swiss company.

• The export share is 90 percent.

• The company area covers an area of 30,000 m².

• E very year around 2,300 cabins and vehicles are produced.

The sophisticated ventilation system with fresh-air supply and sound-absorbing room, specially-shaped non-woven lining ensure a pleasant indoor climate and coziness inside the OMEGA V cabin. As an alternative, especially for hot regions, active ventilation or air-conditioning is also available. In addition, a sophisticated lighting concept has been developed for night rides.


The end-to-end acoustic roof lining also acts as f a low-vibration cover of the mounting space which conceals various power-supply, ventilation and infotainment installations. It also guarantees quick and maintenance-friendly access to the roof fittings.


With view to a year-round cable car operation and the related demands, various options have been developed for transporting sports equipment in the cabin. OMEGA V’s ski racks have been optimized in terms of ergonomics and acoustic insulation. For the transportation of bikes inside the cabins, a user-friendly bike rack is available, too.

The optimized ski holders on the outer side of the cabin enable not only easy but also silent stowage of sports equipment. Photo: CWA

The first generation

OMEGA as a style icon has been produced more than 50,000 times since 1983, making it the world’s most-sold circulating cableway cabin. Even its fifth generation charms with its timeless design and – from the perspective of cableway technology – ideal contours. OMEGA V, with its wide fit-out possibilities, can be fitted for winter or summer operation, used as a means of transport to tourist sights, or as urban passenger transport.


Its durability and modularity make it, time and again, a safe investment for the future. The first installation using OMEGA V cabins are to be launched in Austria already this year. The ski region Saalbach is placing its bet on the new high-tech cabins as part of both sections of the new Kohlmaisbahn. 95 cabins of the new generation will be available for the skiers’ ascent, offering the visitors of the region another highlight for the upcoming winter.