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Success in China

Thanks to good cooperation with local partners and its offer of multiple project solutions, the Swiss cableway manufacturer has already recorded its first successes on this new promising market.


The Swiss cableway manufacturer Bartholet had the opportunity to implement a number of exciting projects over the last few years which helped promote the entire cableway industry. However, its success is marked not only by its multiple project solutions offerings and geographic scope but also by human resources development. Barholet’s headcount has doubled to more than 400 people over the last ten years.


Some 80% of its finished installations are currently exported. Over the last two years, Asia, and China specifically, has developed into a very promising market: winter sports are booming in the Far East and Bartholet is keen to benefit from these developments. The upcoming Olympic Games, which are to be held in Beijing in 2022, are driving the heightened interest.

China rumors have been circulating around Bartholet for the last few months. No, Bartholet has not been taken over by the Chinese. The Swiss company was looking for a strategic partner in China to be able to take advantage of the local market’s great future potential. The critical strategic partner has indeed been found and the new cooperation has already borne fruit.


The first installation was launched in Altai, China. Local regulations and language barriers posed a particular challenge for all parties involved. To date, eight further installations are being built and more projects are in the planning phase. Bartholet is pleased that several of its installations will make the company’s presence visible at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Projects currently in operation in China: Altai, Téléporté Mixte (TPM) 6-8

The first Téléporté Mixte from Bartholet in China. This combined 6-seater chair lift and 8-seater gondola lift transports around 2,000 persons per hour and overcomes a height difference of 400 meters. Altai is located in the northwest of China and is considered one of the places where skiing started. The installation has been in operation since September 2018.

Projects currently under construction in China:

“Swiss Quality” and the precision and reliability that accompanies it is much appreciated in China. It is also noteworthy that the Bartholet’s premium design “Design by Porsche Design Studio” has gained much attention in China: this proven design is favored in all the projects currently under construction:

Thaiwoo (Olympic grounds), 6-seater chair lift –design by Porsche Design Studio

Bartholet is currently building a new 6-seater chair lift in the ski resort of Thaiwoo. A high-speed train brings visitors from the metropolis of Beijing directly to Thaiwoo and should bring even more tourists here in the future. The chair lift, which has two sections, will have a transport capacity of 2.400 persons per hour and is to be launched this December. The chairs, which are designed by the Porsche Design Studio, will additionally be equipped with striking poison-green covers and will certainly be an eye-catcher in the wintry, snow-covered terrain.

The 8-seater panorama cable car design by Porsche Design Studio. That is how the 6-seater chair lift design by Porsche Design Studio will look like.

Golden Mountain, 8-seater panorama cable car + 6-seater chair lift – Design by Porsche Design Studio

A lot of investment has also flowed in the Golden Mountain which has been bustling with construction workers. So far, this area has been mainly a summer vacation destination. But cable cars and new hotel facilities are now offering the promise of equally successful winter seasons. Bartholet is currently building a new gondola cable car with two sections. A detachable 6-seater chair lift is being built in its immediate proximity. Here, too, the bet has been placed on “Porsche Design” for both of these new installations.

Gesuohe, 8-seater panorama cable car – Design by Porsche Design Studio

Another showcase project is emerging in the Chinese province of Gesuohe: this gondola cable car with “Porsche Design” cabins, stretching over two sections and a total distance of almost six kilometers, will be the longest cableway in all of China. After conquering a height difference of 608 meters to the middle station, it will traverse another 363 meters to the top station. At a speed of six meters per second, the entire gondola ride through the middle station and the entire second section will take less than 20 minutes.