Photo: Region Villach Tourismus

Informing visitors through virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses can convey emotion-packed information in picture and film to interested visitors in tourist offices. This innovative pilot project has been running in the Villach – Lake Faak – Lake Ossiach since May 2019.


The goal is to establish synergy between the staff providing tourist information and the latest technology, to impart both facts & strong emotional content in tourist offices. In a traditional tourist office, visitors receive information from qualified staff.


In a tourist office with VR technology, such professional advice is also available but, in addition, VR technology offers a display of plentiful 360-degree sequences, conveying in a simple and vivid manner information on more than 200 Villach – Lake Ossiach region-based subjects.


The VR glasses have been in use in the tourist office in Sattendorf at Lake Ossiach since May 2019 as part of a “pilot project for digitalization in tourism”.



This project was launched in the fall of 2017. It has received an award from the ÖHT (Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank) as one of seven Austria-wide beacon projects dedicated to the theme “Digitalen Wandel gestalten” (“Designing a digital change”). Its promotion has also been supported by the Federation and the European Union.