Picture: TechnoAlpin

Jackpot for TechnoAlpin for the 2022 Winter Olympics

100% TechnoAlpin snow at the 2022 Winter Olympics – this phrase is currently bringing a proud smile to the faces of TechnoAlpin employees all over the world.


Thanks to the close cooperation between the Bolzano headquarters and the Chinese subsidiary, TechnoAlpin tendered successful bids for all the Olympic snow sports competitions, effectively securing the most prestigious contracts up for grabs in the People’s Republic in recent months.


The fact that TechnoAlpin was able to win all the contracts is mainly due to its excellent structure in China. The leader in innovation has its own branch office there since 2013.


The 40 members of staff take care of the project management work and provide optimum service. Other factors that enabled TechnoAlpin to develop the best technical solution included its experience at other major events and the know-how it has gathered over many years of involvement in global projects.