Snowmaking master Stefan Schaumberger carefully pours the oil in a snow gun compressor. Photos: SI/Surrer

Motorex: Best oil to secure enough air

Whether lubricants for ropeway cables or hydraulic oil for snow groomers – MOTOREX has the right product for all areas of maintenance taking place in a ski region.

But what is not so wellknown: the Swiss producer also offers compressor oils for snowmaking facilities.


With its 13 cableways, 32 kilometers of ski slopes and 110 winter-time employees, Reiteralm in Styria is a typical Austrian ski area.


Together with the other three ski areas belonging to the “4 Berge Skischaukel” – Hauser Kaibling, Planai and Hochwurzen – the entire resort offers a total of 44 cableways and 122 kilometers of ski slopes and has 470 employees.


And just as important for its operations are powerful snowmaking facilities. 170 propeller machines from the company SUFAG and 100 snow lances from various manufacturers guarantee enough snow on 100 percent of Reiteralm’s ski slopes.

“Most of our facilities run on individual compressors without centrally provided compressed air and they need oil. We have two oil-free compressors but consider the oil-lubricated ones more durable. That is our philosophy,” says Stefan Schaumberger, snowmaking master at Reiteralm.


This, however, means that all the compressors must run perfectly. Intensive maintenance is necessary, it is carried out especially during a four-week inspection period in spring.


Schaumberger explains: “It is true that software updates are supplied by the manufacturer but any other service measures and hardware repairs are the responsibility of my fiveperson snowmaking team. Exchanging oil in the compressors is especially important.”

Since 2013, the snowmaking team has been using compressor oil from MOTOREX. “We have switched from a prescribed standard product to MOTOREX which gives us Swiss quality for the same price,” explains Schaumberger.


What’s more: as the name already indicates, Ecopress 46 Bio is an environment-friendly and biodegradable oil – important at a time when “sustainability” is becoming increasingly relevant.


Snowmaking master, Reiteralm Schladming:

“Besides our modern snow guns, we also have guns that are almost 20 years old with more than 8,000 hours of operation on the slope. Such long service life is only possible thanks to intensive maintenance. We have been using the compressor oil Ecopress 46 Bio from MOTOREX for our 170 propeller machines and 100 lances since 2013 and have not had any problems with a single compressor since then. And we even help protect our environment thanks to this biodegradable oil!”

MOTOREX barrels have their set place in the snowmaking depot at Reiteralm.

Cold and water resistant

The Reiteralm snowmaking team uses some 300 liters of compressor oil per year. The lubricant is available in 5-, 60- or 200-liter containers. Despite 500 hours of operation, neither compressor has failed.


Contented Schaumberger continues: “The way oil from MOTOREX functions is quite simple – and it works perfectly even at minus twenty degrees Celsius and at high humidity!”


Markus Damm, product manager at MOTOREX, confirms: “Ecopress meets all demands on heavy-duty compressors. The highquality base fluids and zinc-free additives guarantee optimal lubricating performance for snow guns’ piston compressors and stationary snowmaking facilities’ screw compressors.” And as already mentioned, the oil is biodegradable.

Schaumberger learnt about Ecopress 46 Bio from the MOTOREX customer advisor, Rupert Aigner. “Mr. Aigner visits us several times a year to provide advice and he leaves with our specifications and orders. I am very satisfied with MOTOREX’s customer service,” concludes the snowmaking master.


He and his team are now looking at other areas where they could use MOTOREX products – after all, “everything runs like a welloiled machine with MOTOREX!” ts

MOTOREX Ecopress 46 Bio

• biodegradable

• very high resistance to aging through oxidation

• excellent corrosion and wear-and-tear protection

• minimal residue formation

• outstanding viscosity/ temperature behavior


ECOPRESS is a biodegradable compressor oil made with a high-quality base fluid.