The President of NSAA, Kelly Pawlak, presents the 2019 NSAA agenda. Photos: SI/Mair

NSAA 2019: Something for everyone

From climate change to travel, from technical possibilities to principles, the range of information available at NSAA left nothing to be desired.

Mark Reynolds, Managing Director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby in California, is an expert on green energy. In the course of his lecture “Climate Change Solutions”, he explained that many different approaches towards the future exist in the energy industry.


According to Mark, it is a good thing that many intelligent minds have been considering possible solutions to the present challenges but, in the end, it is sufficient if one effective solution gets implemented.

He further emphasized that key achievements have already been accomplished in the ski industry, and expressed his conviction that it was best to follow the example of the forerunners in the field of sustainable energy.


Linking travel and technology


NSAA visitors also had the opportunity to come away with novel ideas from the field of travel and technology.


Traci Mercer, Senior Deputy President, Global Lodging, Ground & Sea, Sabre Travel Network, shortly mentioned how they came to establish an online travel platform and described how customer orientation and a good feeling for market development helped to substantially change the operating principles in this branch of business. She shared her many years’ experience in the field of online travel with seminar participants, putting emphasis especially on the advantages of technology.


The sales trio of DEMACLENKO America from left to right: Steve Daly, Alessandro Rachetti and Dennis Kinsella.

PISTENBULLY was well represented by its strong team. Left to right: Dennis McGiboney, Greg Eppich, Josh Nelson, McKay Wilson, Kevin Moudy, Stefan Spindler, Bill Brandt, Paul Scanlon.

As last year, FATZER AG was represented by Robert Fehr (left) and Philipp Enzler (right).

Left to right: Scott Baldassano (Snow Operating consultant), Charles Blier (Mountain Creek Resort) and Patrick Hession (Snow Operating)

Left to right: Tom Sanford, Barbara Sanford (DOPPELMAYR USA), Raimund Baumgartner (CWA CEO), Luc Guy (DOPPELMAYR USA) and Michael Doppelmayr (DOPPELMAYR CEO) energized the audience with a combination of good mood and new products.

Todd Hermsen (Technical Support Manager), Dwayne Sawyer (Regional Technical Support) and David Rowlett (NA Manager).

Vicki Walz (Deputy President of Cadcadae Mountain), Rob Walz (President of Cadcadae Mountain), Jason Smith (Head of Regional Sales at PRINOTH), Melody Kluesner (Event Coordinator at PRINOTH), Michael Williams (PRINOTH Sales) and Andreas Muigg (PRINOTH product portfolio manager)

At NSAA, Jennifer Heitz and her husband Kelly Deason presented a wheel suspension they themselves had developed.

Scott Brandi (left) and the NEVEPLAST team were still highly motivated on the final day of the trade show.

The TEUFELBERGER-REDAELLI dream team (left to right) Stefan Puchner and Paul Johnston.

Even after the exhausting but successful trade show, members of the AXESS team have not lost their humor.

Bill Baron (left) and Matt Tucker spoke about the Energy and CO2 values for the outdoor industry at NSAA.

Left to right: Scott Biermann, Daren Cole, Katie Gresham, Mike McGuckin and Rick Spear from Leitner-Poma America at NSAA.

WYSSEN was represented by Lisa Dreier, Project Manager for Canada, and Roz Reynolds, Project Manager for the US.

Both TECHNOALPIN sales managers, PJ Britz & Niklas Eisath, demonstrated their full commitment.

Justin Price attended on behalf of Skycam Solution.

Trish Morrissey represented WINTERSTEIGER in San Diego.

For Lawrence van Hattum from Bosch eBike Systems, NSAA was the first trade show.