This year’s winners of the National Golden Eagle-, marketing- und safety awards. Photos: SI/Mair

NSAA: Commitment & Awards

Every year, NSAA offers a forum for the recognition of the season’s successes. Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards are also presented at the opening of the show every year.

For many American ski regions, NSAA usually marks the end of the season – a time to catch your breath and reflect on the work of the past months.


With this in mind, the best campaigns dedicated to the subjects “commitment to the environment”, marketing and safety are recognized every year. Small and large regions alike can demonstrate their creativity. The purpose of the awards is also to motivate others to go the extra mile.


Rooted in ski sport with heart and soul


In addition to achievements in the already mentioned categories, NSAA always invites on the stage two very special persons who have dedicated their lives to mountain tourism and winter sports and are by many recognized as forerunners in these fields.


The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented once again for their many years of commitment.

Bob Bonar won the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work of many years in Snowbird.

The first of this year’s awardees was Bob Bonar, former president of the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.


He spent 47 years working on the development of the ski resort and was very ac-tive, among other areas, in the field of sustainability. Thanks to his efforts, Snowbird became the first resort to promote a respectful approach towards nature together with the NFF (National Forest Foundation) in 2005.


Additionally, Bob was a driving force behind the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, a nonprofit initiative which, together with local stakeholders, advocates the promotion of nature in the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Blaise Carrig with his work enthusiasm and knowhow is regarded by many as an inspirational example.

The second recipient of this prestigious award was Blaise Carrig. A former COO and president of Vail Resort’s Mountain Division, Blaise is known for his incredible drive. Whether he was making an important decision or handling a small matter, he always devoted himself to the task at hand with passion.


And it was for this quality that he was valued by all as a person and boss.Blaise himself much appreciated the numerous opportunities the industry made available to him over the years and wanted to provide support for the “upand- comers” (the current and future representatives) in the industry.


This vision became reality when he stepped “outside” his own resort with the establishment of the Mountain Foundation of NSAA for which Carrig fired the starting shot with his very generous gift. tm

The industry representatives were excited by the idea of helping out the next generation.

Mountain Foundation:

An Investment in the Future

In a way, the ropeway industry is blessed as its members realized very early on that cooperation leads to the best results.


This explains why the industry players, when meeting at trade shows and seminars, are always open and ready to share their knowledge with colleagues from other regions, creating an added value for both individual destinations and their visitors.


But – as is often the case – money plays a role here, too. Can a company afford to send its employees to an exhibition? This is precisely where the new Mountain Foundation of NSAA comes into play.